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I typed a whole message and lost it????

Anyway, I got the results today from the Petscan, not what I prayed for. ;

There is a mass on the tail of the pancreas. It gave the dimensions, etc, called it a

primary hypermetabolic necrotic mass maybe representing primary pancreatic malignancy.

the gallbladder, spleen, kidneys and adrenals were all good, also the lungs.

the liver was mentioned, but nothing conclusive since I am so thin. hopefully there is

nothing on the liver connected to the tail issue. If anyone has had this experience,

please let me know so I can know what to expect next????

I am seeing my doctor on Saturday and hopefully I will feel more hopeful than I do now.

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Hi Tummywoes,

I'm sorry to hear the results of your scan weren't what we hoped for.

Did they give you any indication themselves today of what the next steps might be? I can only speak from my partner's experience which was that there was then a biopsy of the tumour which cofirmed what it was. In our case the disease HAD spread and deemed inoperable although this doesn't sound as if that is necessarily the case for you. It could well be that they are able to operate. Still a scary prospect I know but hopeful.

Fingers crossed the doctor will be able to chat to you and explain things in more detail when you see him/her on Saturday.

Stay hopeful

Cathy xx

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