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A little celebration...


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... Thought I'd do a quick post now as we are about to head out.

Have just got back from the oncologist who is very pleased with how Jonathan is doing. His tumour marker seems to have plummeted 90% since his final chemo where it had been stable for a while from a massive 90% reduction from its highest (tho his finger tingling has got worse - it's almost as if he's been given an extra sneaky chemo without knowing). He has also put on 4kg since his last visit - totalling a whopping 8kg total since chemo stopped. I suspect a good 7kg of that is Mythos related.... (ahem). :)

He's going on a diet he says.

So our next thing is a scan at the beginning of Sept and our next appointment with the oncologist after that on the 16th. We've just been told to keep an eye out in case any symptoms develop in the meantime and in which case we'll have an earlier scan. Onc says nothing to be gained at the moment from having anymore treatment.

The tumour markers reducing despite no chemo is just the best news - I hope it isn't a mistake!!

Thought I'd share with you before we go out to add to that 8kg... Hope you're all doing well.


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Glad to hear you have had a really positive appointment, the holiday must have been good for both of you !! Onwards and upwards!

Bee xx

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That is such good news Cathy for Jonathon and yourself.

I'm watching your posts with interest and hope as I will be finishing my Chemo in the middle of August, so I will admit to being a little scared of my safety blanket being taken away from me.

My scan is at the end of August so I suppose like yourself and Jonathon it will be a major factor in going further along the road of this trip we are having to endure. I haven't asked too much about my markers, though when I did ask my consultant was very pleased with the 'score', so I cannot say fairer than that.

I wish you both well and let's keep our positive attitude going because as one door closes another door opens.

Linda xx

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A LITTLE celebration? I would think a yabba dabba doo celebration is called for! :lol:

Bummer about the tingling but the tumour markers are fab and no more treatment for at least a month!

Enjoy every moment and bugger the diet!!!

Julia x

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Thanks all

Jonathan is looking forward to having a summer break now - maybe we will even get a chance to go abroad again, who knows.. Bu**er the expense if we can*

Linda - I completely understand what you are saying. I felt anxious to restart chemo and we had lots of little chats about it when we were away but the Oncologist yesterday was very clear in that he felt that contining on the current course of action (i.e. monitoring) was the right course at present and that having more chemo wasn't necessary. He was very firm when I clarified that so I guess we just have to put our faith in him. He is very nice actually and did keep double checking with us as well that we were happy with that.

Everyone - All the best for the imminent appointments coming up.


* that's bugger not butter lol.

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