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Hi can someone tell me something about Folfironox please. I've read on here that people have been given it after Gemcitamine and wonder if its any good? My mother's cancer has now spread to her liver and I wonder if this treatment is something we should discuss with the oncologist??

I would be very glad for any replies. Thanks


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Hi Nia

Yes, do discuss it. It is a more toxic regime generally so you need to be in good health to tolerate the side effects (which do vary from person to person). But no harm in seeing what the oncologist thinks, especially as it sounds like your Mum is still feeling well.


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Hello Nia, Folfirinox is a mixture of 3 chemotherapeutic agents Oxaliplatin, Irinotecan and 5 Fluorouracil given alongside Leucovorin to enhance the effect of the 5FU. It is given as an infusion/bolus over several hours and followed by an infusor giving 5FU over 46 hours it is repeated every 2 weeks. A French trial found significant benefits over what was the standard therapy of Gemcitabine.

It is however, quite toxic. The initial trial limited patients to those aged below 74 with a good performance status. There is though emerging evidence that modified regimes may carry similar benefits without being quite so toxic. Definitely worth discussing.

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Hi to you both, many thanks for replying, it sounds like its definitely worth discussing this with the oncologist tomorrow. At present mum is well, has actually put weight on and still eating really well. She has not had any side effects on the chemo so far but the Folfironox does sound as if it might hit her hard but I guess its not a bad idea to try it.

I'm actually dreading tomorrow, mum is having a blood transfusion and chemo but will be told about her liver metastases, my poor mother, I don't know how she will take it!!!!! I will keep you posted!!!!!!

Thanks again

Nia x

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