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Hi All and hope everyone is well and in good spirits. I just finished up inpatient chemo #4 and now doing the outpatient thing with the portable pump.

Lab results this pre-treatment were encouraging:

WBCS 6/6/13 4.2K/uL, 6/24/13 9.4K/uL, 7/9/13 13.2K/ul (high)

RBCS 6/6/13 3.56K/ul, 6/24/13 3.89K/uL, 7/9/13 3.97K/ul (low)

Hemoglobin 6/6/13 10.6gm/dl 6/24/13 11.5gm/dl, 7/9/13 11.6gm/dl (low)

Hematocrit 6/6/13 32% 6/24/13 35%, 7/9/13 35% (low)

Neutrophils 6/6/13 2.0K/uL 6/24/13 7.0K/uL, 7/9/13 10.4K/uL (high)

Glucose 6/24/13 102mg/dL 7/9/13 134mg/dL (high)

CA 19-9 Tumor marker 6/24/13 6830, 7/9/13 2505U/mL (high)

Oncologist says, based on CA 19-9, chemo is working and he will retest whatever is necessary probably in the 2 to 4 weeks (probably include at least a ct-scan).

Thanks all, Mike

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Hi Mike,

I asked in one of your other posts, if you would be able to explain to me what trial you were waiting to have?



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Hi Linda:

I'm sorry, but I'm not taking in part of any trial, just working directly with the doctors and cancer center. Following the Falfurinol regime which is 3 days of constant intravenous infusion of 5 different chemicals. The first 4-5 hours are done in the cancer center then I get fitted with a portable i.v. pump for the next 46 hour infusion. If I start a treatment on a Monday then I'm done about mid-afternoon on Wednesday, have the rest of the week PLUS the entire following free. It takes me a couple of days, in this case Thursday and possibly Friday, to get over the fatigue, etc. that the chemo sets up but then I usually have a good week-plus before the next.


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