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grandads surgery on Monday! So many questions....


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Well my lovely fab grandad is having the surgery on Monday. We know a little more now but i am still unsure about so many things.

My grandma tried to explain what the doctors have been saying and what is planned for monday. Apparently he will have part of his intestine removed, the tumor at the tail of the pancreas and his spleen. My grandma thinks this is called the whibble procedure!?!?!?! I have been looking online and normally this procedure doesn't involve the removal of the spleen? Is there a variation of this prcoedure or is he having the more extreme one (if that is even possible)??

What is the recovery like? Does this give him more time? He is a strong and healthy man (he still runs every week!)......

Any advice is much appreciated... we are all so scared


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Support Team

Dear Tracyann82

that sounds like a distal pancreatectomy

a whipples procedure removes the head of the pancreas rather than the tail

a total pancreatectomy removes the whole pancreas

yes hopefullyif he has surgery it means the cancer has been caught earlier and he should statistically get more time than average over all patients

do you know which type of pancreatic cancer he has?

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