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Went to see Mr {name removed - moderator} (my Oncologist) last night & he showed me what was written about the reduction of the tumours....49 mm, down to 33 mm....which in the words of the report from the doctors who performed the scan was "A SIGNIFICANT reduction" & apparently much of it is dead tissue. He was really pleased at the way things are going. HE also said "I am now officially in remission" :-)

The only downside is that there is still no possibly cure for me & no chance of an operation coz by the fact that the tumour has travelled into my liver means there is cancer floating around in my body, so even if I was to try & put myself through a gruelling operation, that would make me very ill for a long time, when my immune system would be very low, so the cancers still in my body would probably bite back & intensify ....... I'm not too sure how I feel about that. The test will be when the Chemo stops. I've just had my 6th session of 8 sessions x2, if the tumour lies dormant brill, if it starts up again, I will need to go back on Chemo right away. I hope & pray that won't happen.

The thing is my consultant is so positive about everything, he says new treatments come along every month, so his positivity rubs off on me & I feel he would know best coz as my friend Jane says, he's not allowed to give me false hopes. He wants me to concentrate on keeping fit & well. I'm still waiting to hear from the Prof I wrote to in London, so *fingers crossed* maybe he can help me in my quest to live longer ......

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Linda, SO pleased to hear you are in remission!!! (open the fizz!)

Your onc sounds really lovely. All you can do is follow his lead and remain positive and do as he says and keep fit and well.

Long may you stay in remission!

Julia x

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Hi Linda,

How wonderful it must have felt when you heard the word remission, so very pleased, long may it continue!!

bee xx

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Woo hoo Linda that it fantastic news :-) Your friend is right in saying that oncologists don't give false hope so onwards and upwards as we all keep saying. Remission is a wonderful word. As he says the longer you can keep this dreadful disease at bay the more chance of new treatments coming through. Keep your spirits up and go out and enjoy yourself

Karen xxx

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Really pleased for you Linda. It's only fair that your determination has finally given you these positive results. Your family (and friends) must be over the moon. Long may it continue!



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Hi Linda

I remember your posting about your devastating visit to your oncologist earlier this year and so this news is absolutely fantastic.

Absolutely made up for you. Have one for us!


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