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What now???


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Well we've been to see the oncologist today and Mum is going to have Cycle 6 of Gemcitibine. Once she has had this she isn't going to have anymore...

When we first saw the dr in january he had said that there would be 6 cycles (and if I'm honest I didn't think we'd get to this point). She had a ct scan after cycle 3 and it showed that the pancreatic tumour had grown slightly, the liver tumours 2 had grown slightly, some had gone and some were new. However, the dr wanted to continue with chemo as mum is so well and her tumour markers have come down from 90000 to 2000 and that although there is growth there was a 6 week gap between the first ct scan and the start of treatment so he thinks that the growth happened then (and probably more) and the chemo has slowed it down.

The dr is baffled by mum as she has put weight on. She is weighing 14 stone 6, compared to her normal 11 and a half stone, she is eating very well and although her blood counts take a battering during chemo weeks, when it's her week off they bounce right back up annd more. The tumour is in the tail so not sure if that has effected things.

I'm not sure how to feel really. While mum has been having chemo I have known that there was something fighting, so i'm a bit worried as to what will happen after this next cycle. We are going to see the dr in 6 weeks and I suppose we will see how mum is before we decide on anything.

Anyone had a similar experience?

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Hi, I don't have experience or really know the answer but I'm just wondering, if she is well and tolerates that chemo well, would they not consider trying Folfirinox for her? I know that usually the most toxic regime would be given first, but I have heard of people going on to Folfirinox after gemcitabine. Maybe you could ask about that or maybe one of the nurses on the board would have a better idea?

I can imagine how you feel. While my dad is being treated we have something to fight and aim for and it's good to know that something is being done.

Keep us posted on how things go.



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There is a doctor named Dr. Leonard Coldwell who has cured thousands of cancer patients naturally--no chemo, no radiation, and no surgery. He has many videos on YouTube and he will give you free information on how easy it is to cure cancer with natural products. He will also explain why doctors are not allowed to use these natural treatments.

There is no such thing as incurable cancer. All cancer is curable. Nobody has to die or go through the painful treatment of chemo and radiation. The truth is, the general public have been lied to. It was proven in the 1930's that cancer cannot survive in a body that is oxygen-rich. If people can get their immune system up, their body will naturally eliminate the cancerous tumor. Here is a small sample of treatments that have saved thousands of lives:

Vitamin B-17 (apricot seeds)

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking Soda

Essiac Tea

Organic Green Juice

Young Green Coconuts

Vitamin C Injections

Omega 3

These are just a small sample of natural cancer cures. Drug companies don't make money on natural treatments, and doctors are forbidden from using them. It doesn't matter what cancer you have, all cancer is curable. It's chemo, radiation, and surgery that does the real harm. And when a doctor tells his patient that he has 3-6 months to live, the doctor has given his patient a death sentence, and the patient loses all hope. Don't fall for this rotten lie. It's poppycock. Dr. Leonard Coldwell has saved thousands of lives with cheap, natural treatments. Also watch a video called "A World Without Cancer." It tells you about the curing benefits of Vitamin B-17.

Good luck


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Stephen do you have someone that you love dearly with cancer? I have noticed that you have posted throughout this special forum for special people.

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Please explain to us all then when fit young people who already have good immune systems,fit bodies and positive outlooks succumb to these cancers.

Also some of the vitamins suggested are not always a good idea when people are undergoing chemo treatments etc omega 3 can thin the blood and is not always suggested if you have a Hickman line.vitamin c need not be taken in injection form and a healthy diet should give you a strong immune system anyway.

People on this forum are more concerned with their loved ones maintaining weight or gaining weight so any food is better than none!!

Please do not label people with cancer as unhealthy that is a total genarilisation!!!!

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I cannot bear people who troll their views, in such a cruel and barbaric manner. If he wants to live with his head in the sand, then that is up to him, but to place these idiotic and dangerous opinions that chemo/radiation and surgery are doing more harm than good is not only ridiculous but a real kick in the face to every single brave person who is suffering and the family who is watching the suffering.

When mum was ill, both myself and my brother trawled the internet looking for the eureka moment that some cure had been found, we bought special tablets from Chinese health shops and other health shops. Sadly because this disease was so debilitating and had made mum drop 6 stone in weight in 18 months, her immune system was shattered anyway. In saying that, not at any moment did she think stuff this and gave up the fight. She was so strong, she wanted to stay for Christmas, and she got her wish, even had a toast with us for the dinner. She fought to the bitter end and Stephen if you ever have anyone who suffers with this horrendous disease, and I sincerely hope that you don't, look back on your words and see what an idiot and how brainwashed you really are.

Please show some sensitivity and don't post again!

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Ditto ....Sueba, Louiepc and Dfarmer.

When people are at such a low ebb as we with this awful disease are, it's so easy to be taken in by all the "miracle" cures and the "natural" ones seem so alluring because we can buy them ourselves without looking like an idiot to your GP, but think about it, if they really worked do you really feel the people who make them, sell them, would leave it at that.....I mean it would be an absolute miracle to be able to CURE CANCER with Omega 3 or Vitamin C or any of the other 'natural' drugs which claim to be the cure to cancer....surely the manufacturers would be knighted....."Arise Sir Miracle Man" ....they would be millionaires ....so come on please don't patronize us with these claims...believe me if I thought any of these drugs worked I would be taking them by the bucket full. Do you really think I want to die of this cancer, because I will, I am doing and sooner than I wanted to, so I really do not need this (and I'm sorry to use this word) CRAP.


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Thank you all ladies.

Many thanks for your comments, and your support for one another.

This issue should now be dealt with, and there should be no further posts from Stephen.

Please be assured that PCUK certainly do not agree with any of the comments made by Stephen. Nor do we endorse any of the treatments he mentions.

We run all necessary checks when activating an account for forum use, and this IP address did not flag up any alerts whatsoever. However, as is now apparent, this is not someone who is posting for reasons related to Pancreatic Cancer. Apologies that you had to suffer some irritation by this post.

Kind regards,

Support Team. (Jeni and Dianne)

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Well mum not had a good week and wondering if this is it... She's constipated, which is making her fell awful but has also lost her appetite and is now forcing herself to eat, has back pain and is doing the constant burping again. She's not sleeping and is very depressed. I should be going on holiday in a couple of weeks but am thinking that it's not going to happen now. I just hate this awful disease and the things that it does to our loved ones. Not got upset about it for ages but can't seem to stop crying today. Just feel helpless. Thanks for readIng x

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Hello Dfarmer...you sound like you're going through a very similar time to me! My mum has just finished her 8th and final cycle of gemcap and is awaiting her scan and then the much dreaded appointment with the specialist to get the results...we're not sure what happens after that though, the consultant said it depended on scan results and what further treatment may be available. My mum had been doing really well, eating lots, little holidays and shopping trips etc and considering she was diagnosed a year ago we've been so lucky to have more wonderful times with her but...the last couple of weeks she's also had a lot more pain in her back especially at night when it wakes her up. Her appetite is starting to wain again and she hasn't as much energy. She also gets constipated but the doctor put that down to all the medication she's on. She doesn't know how quickly this horrid disease can spread and has been looking at holidays for next year and buying Xmas presents. It is so hard to constantly be upbeat and basically pretend that all is well but I know that is how she wants to deal with this. I too am worried that we might have turned the last corner ...we have booked a holiday for the end of aug after much umming and arring earlier in the year and in the end came to the decision that anything can happen to any of us at any time and you can't put your life on hold 'just in case'. I do hope your mum perks up and feels better soon and perhaps her specialist can offer some further treatment. In the meantime, a break will do you the power of good. Thinking of you xx

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