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Moving to UK ... need good hospital for follow-up treatment


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I was diagnosed with a neuro-endocrine tumor in my pancreatic duct with tumors in the lymph nodes as well. I had a full Whipple surgery performed at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas in March. I am still recovering from surgery and go back to MD Anderson for follow-up scans in August.

MD Anderson is one of the top hospitals in the U.S. for cancer. I have dual U.K./U.S. citizenship and will be moving back with family in the Manchester/Stockport area next year. What are the best hospitals in the U.K. for follow-up treatment and additional testing to make sure my cancer is gone and no additional tumors have grown in the remaining parts of my pancreas and intestines? Are the hospitals quick to see new patients and would I have to wait long to get appointments and scans?


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

For Manchester the PC centres are North Manchester General and Manchester Royal Infirmary, and of course the famous Christie Hospital is also in Manchester. I don't know much about the treatments there but because my sister worked at North Manchester, I know there are two excellent surgeons there, Professor [name removed - moderator], who is notably a bariatric surgeon but also a Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon. I have heard he is very skillful.

Likewise {name removed - moderator}

I don't know about doctors at MRI or Christie.

Having already had your surgery these may be the best guys for follow up meetings?

Unfortunately surgery is not an option for us.

Hope this helps.


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Hi there

The nurses on this site are really helful so they may be able to point you towards someone who could give you that kind of information.

You can email them at support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

I think the time you need to wait (assuming you are going to use the NHS) would be dependent upon where you were as people's experiences vary widely in time taken to wait for appointments and scans.

Best of luck with your move and hopefully you will continue posting and keeping us updated once you are over here.

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I had my Whipple done in Belgium and moved back to the UK 2 years later. I brought back details of my operation and ongoing care from the surgeons and my GP in Belgium, then simply registered with a local GP in the UK. He referred me immediately to the nearest specialist centre. You can find a list here


All has gone well.

A word of warning: our insides remain quite fragile after a Whipple so don't try to carry heavy weights. I did, and now have an epigastric hernia, will be operated in the next few weeks.

Good luck with your move!


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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi ATXHouse,

Thank you for joining the forum and welcome. I am sure you will receive much support from the forum family. I am sorry you sound like you have had a difficult journey thus far. Certainly as Julia has mentioned (edited-moderator) would be the best hospital for you to visit in the first instance. As you have a Pancreatic NET this is certainly a specialised tumour group, and you would need to be seen by this specific team. We are aware that there is a pancreatic NET service at X (edited-moderator)

There is also a specialist Neuroendocrine support group in the UK and the web site for those patients affected by neuroendocrine disease is http://www.netpatientfoundation.org/. If you have time do have a look at this web site as they have a Manchester Patient Meeting on 13th July, which may be very helpful for you.

Of course we are still happy to have you utilise our forum and the support line at any time. Safe journey back to the UK.

Kind regards,


Support Team

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Just a little note to add to my previous post. Do try to bring several months of prescription medicine with you. The same medicines might not exist in the UK (that was the case for me) and it might take time to 'migrate'. Also, bring a list of your prescriptions on official paper - and bring your medicines in their original boxes with any supporting documentation.

Good luck!

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