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Has anyone else experienced dizziness / light-headedness after Chemo of Cisplatin and Gemcitabine ?

If so, does it last long? Do I need to phone my Oncology department? My temp is fine, my blood sugar levels are fine and I've been absolutely fine, until last night when I suddenly felt dizzy. I went to bed and slept quite well, but this morning I am still feeling dizzy. I do know that I have a slight low white cell count (neutropenia) 1.3, so I'm wondering if it is this?

Typical for something to rain on my parade.....

Linda x

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Ray gets light headed but he's on Folfirinox. We just assumed its part of the process.


How long does it usually last? Please say not long, it's driving me nuts.

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Hi Linda

I wonder if you might have an inner ear problem. This can cause dizziness. Have you had a cold recently for example?

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Oh... And just to add. Jonathan occasionally complains of feeling "spaced out" on FOLFIRONOX and that can start immediately and last a day or so. It sounds like you are feeling a little more than spaced out however?

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