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I'm basking in the news for now


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My consultant phoned at 7.30pm last night.....I'd heard he works late.

I was awaiting the results of a CT scan I'd had May 17th. My hubby took the call, I was shaking too much. The news was.....the tumour in my Pancreas and liver was REDUCING.

I am over the moon. It's something I never thought would happen. Steve (hubby) didn't ask by how much, but to be honest anything is nothing short of a miracle when at Christmas last year the Gastroenterologist didn't even give me until New Year to live.

I know I shouldn't run before I can walk, but I'm basking in the good news as I was convinced the news was going to be bad, that it had travelled into other organs or something along those lines.

Surely this has got to be good news....hasn't it? I'm sort of still shocked and worried I'm making too big a deal out of it as honestly ...luck doesn't come my way very often at all and this is scary.

Linda x

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So pleased for you Linda, excellent news! I know that feeling too well, waiting for results. Enjoy the sunshine, keep positive and stay stay strong.


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It's about time you had some good news Linda..... Really chuffed for you! I'll watch this space for your updates.

Take care



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absolutely brill, so happy for you, bri had reduction after first scan and smaller one after 2nd, hes still doing really well, so hope you follow in his footsteps, onwards and upwards. love and hugs laura xx

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Linda, this has given me such a lift! I am sooo pleased for you! Sending you lots of love and best wishes. Keep kicking it up the ass! Wooop!


Paul xx

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You are not making too big a deal of this Linda. It is fantastic news. Julia put it wonderfully. :lol:

Linda 1 Cancer 0. YAY!!!!!!!!


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Such a super outcome Linda!! Very well done, and well done to that gent who phoned you with the good news! Nice touch!

Really pleased for you, and of course you can be happy about this!


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