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I'm new- my grandad has just been diagnosed, so sad


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My mum called me yesterday to say that my grandad, her dad, had been to the doctor because he keep getting tummy ache and feeling full. He lives in Germany, so he was seen very quickly and had a scan (not sure what type) and he was told there and then what was wrong.

My grandad is 75, runs 4 times a week 8 km, goes hiking, bowling and is super healthy and fit...!I have been crying a lot and obviously my whole family is devastated. We havent got many details yet...

Initially the doc said that there is nothing that can be done at all but today he asked my grandad to come back in to discuss a referral to a specialist. This is happened next week and another appointment on the 5th Jan.

My whole family is very much in denial and are def only focusing on the positive points. The doc said yesterday that he's got 7-22 months.

I have so many questions and i am so scared to hear the answers. But i want to know what will happen.... so i can prepare myself and be there for him and be strong. My grandad is very upset but seems more positive after the second app today which is really good

So here are a few questions:

Is there any chance that there is a cure like with other cancers?

Will he be in a lot of pain? Can this be managed?

Is there anything i/we can do to help him?

If they decide that they can't operate will he have less time left?

Sorry for these questions which must be hard for some to answer.....

I will probably have many more but at the moment i just feel like our life is falling to pieces....

Thank you, already been reading a few things on the forum and its all been very helpful though also very upsetting..


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Dear Traceyann

I am so very sorry to read what has happened to your grandad. So many of us on here have been through the awful, frightening time of a loved one being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It's the unknown which is the worst bit to deal with sometimes and the shock of the sudden diagnosis.

I can't really answer your questions, but it sounds as if your Granded is going to be looked after, if he is being asked to see a specialist so soon. I have read a lot about PC and it seems to affect everyone differently. It depends on exactly where the cancer is - which part of the pancreas- and whether it has spread. The best person to help you will be the specialist. I am sure they will explain everything and let you know what may happen. I know it's not easy, but try to be strong, hold on a little longer and see what the doctors have to say. You can get a lot of information on the different types of pancreatic cancer from the main part of this site, and also others like Macmillan and Cancer Research. Until you know more, you will probably only upset yourself if you read too much, because everyone is different. The best thing you can do for your grandad is be positive for him.

I just wanted to say that you are not going through this alone. Your family will be there to help you, and there are people on this site who understand so well what you are feeling right now. It really does help to know you can come on here and release your feelings, ask for help and support and not be alone.

Take each day as it comes, try not to look too far ahead at the moment, and let's hope the doctors can offer you some positive news very soon. Let us know how things go.

With good wishes



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Hello Traceyann,I am so sorry to hear your news,like Ellie has said on this site we all know what you are going through you are not alone,it sometimes seems so and you will have good days and sometimes bad ones when you just want to cry all day,and I suggest you do ,because don't bottle it up.There are some lovely people on this site who have got me through some bad days and have given me strength .Hope we can give you some xxx karen

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