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Help to understand please?


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When I was first diagnosed back in December and the tumour was contained within the pancreas it was thought I would have Chemo to hopefully reduce the tumour or stop it growing and then Radio to kill it.

Unfortunately, since then - December, the tumour has spread into the liver and now my consultant informs me Radio cannot now be used as it wouldn't work to kill the tumour in the liver as it cannot be pin-pointed sufficiently and there are other reason which I cannot recall just at this minute.

When it was discovered the tumour had spread into the liver, my consultant at my local hospital didn't seem overly worried, he felt that the Chemo ...if it worked...would also deal with the tumour in the liver and hopefully shrink it or at least stop it in its tracks.

When I went to x (edited-moderator) last week, I asked their consultant why can't I still have Radio to kill the tumour in the pancreas and then deal with the liver as a seperate issue and have what ever would be necessary to eliminate the tumour in the liver?

I don't think I received a proper answer to my question.

Please could anybody answer my question, it just seems so logical to me....or am I getting it totally wrong....again.



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Have you spoke to the support team Linda as perhaps they can help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

It appears so difficult to find answers when it is more than just the pancreas affected as I guess you are looking at different specialists and they just don't appear to work together. If you look on the case history page there are two stories from I think Karin and a young guy who's name escapes me and they both talk about how they have found people willing to take that chance on them. Is it worth enquiring anywhere else?

Keep fighting Linda and be strong. We are all here for you when you need to vent your fustration.


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Hi Karen and thank you.

Are we allowed to speak to these people from the Case History page on the telephone? Only when I had Breast Cancer I was able to speak to people who had been through the same type of cancer. They phoned me and it was extremely helpful.

It was all instigated by the Breast Cancer Uk people. It would be wonderful if we were able to speak to these people.


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Linda,

I will email you directly about the several queries on the forums - cyberknife, chemo, chemorad, speaking to people etc...

Please do contact us for these complex questions - support@pancreaticcacner.org.uk


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