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Folfrinox and type 1 diabetes


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Hi all

Well Mick starts up again on chemo on Friday (Folfrinox), but this time we have an added worry! He had the Whipples on Feb 18th and is now fit to start adjuvant chemo, but due to having his whole pancreas removed he is newly diabetic. Hes doing quite well with the insulin although now he is eating a bit more his sugars tend to run a bit on the high side.

I was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience on Folfrinox who is diabetic? We know the 5 days on steroids will affect his blood sugars and we are wondering how to manage it when it is actually being infused. Our diabetic consultant suggests eating as often as possible but he too doesn't really know how it will affect him.

Any advice will be greatly received!

Love to all



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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi Sue,

I would suggest certainly keeping a record of your husband's blood sugars with the restart of chemotherapy. This is will be important in the first instance as you might see a trend of the blood sugars related to the steroids. The insulin may well need to be adjusted accordingly if the blood sugars start to elevate too much, however you will also need to readjust them once the steroids have been tapered down. Certainly keep an eye on them and keeping a record will allow you to pick up a pattern or trend that will ensure it is easier to manage next time around. This may also be helpful if you need to see any of the diabetic team so that you have evidence to highlight any changes needed.

Best wishes,


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Hello Sue,

My mum is a type 1 diabetic and has just completed chemo albeit a different regime. That and the steroids played havoc with her sugar. As Dianne says make sure sugar levels are accurately recorded and seek help as soon as possible if they are not controlled. My mums was far better controlled after changing her insulin, she is stubborn and didn't sort it out until she was admitted with an infection. But it was so easily sorted out she should have done it sooner. So use the diabetic team as you need them.

Catherine xx

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