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I'm still struggling with pain inbetween my shoulder blades, which indicates to me that my tumour cannot have shrunk or I feel the pain would subside.

I've had my third lot of chemo...lost count how many still to go....don't even want to think about it, but if only little things ...like the pain subsiding ... it would then give me more encouragement.

It's such a long drawn out process the whole thing.

Oh well not to worry, worse things happen at sea...now where did I put my boat?


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Linda, so sorry you've got pain to deal with on top of everything else :(

My husband has just had his first taste of chemo and for all the info you get I dont g hink it prepares you for the reality.

Here's hoping you will get some relief very soon.

I wish I could just twitch my nose a la Bewitched and make everyone better.

Very best wishes


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