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I have received my appointment to speak to an oncologist at XXX. The oncologist who is already treating me at my local hospital is eager for me to go and said he will do all he can to assist. My app is next Thursday. I'm trying not to get my hopes up to much, it's not like they are going to wave a magic wand and all will be okay, but it's a second opinion and that is what I need right now.

Even if they say the treatment I am receiving at the moment is fine, well that's fine by me, you never know, they may have something tucked away in their top drawer just waiting for me...I can hope and pray.

As good news comes in so does bad....I have just been made redundant at work... I knew it was coming, but it's still a shock to see it in black and white. The pay out of under a couple of thousand for over 12 years of darned hard blood sweat and tears seems harsh, but at least it's something. Not to worry, onward and upward I've got bigger fish to fry, so best get the chip pan on.

Linda x

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hi linda, glad you have got the appointment you wanted, go with an open mind, one door shuts and another one usually opens.

sorry about your job, perhaps blessing in disguise, will allow you to concentrate on being as well as possible wont it? moneys not everything but so damned useful!!!, can you/ have you applied for DLA it all helps.?

will keep fingers crossed for you, keep your chin up, love laura xx

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hi all, sorry just realised i should not have posted on this forum, oooops!!!! wont do it again, but mean every word i wrote to you linda, laura xxx, oh, our friend whos had bladder cancer, and bowel with a colostomy , has had 3 differant ops for removals of "spots" from his liver,so dont give up eh! x

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Great news about x (edited-moderator) Linda. I am sure we are all really interested to see what they have to say and how it compares to the information you have received to date from your local hospital.

Sorry to hear about the redundancy........ I assume your employers are aware of your situation? If they are aware, the decision seems ridiculously unfair / cold, especially after 12 years of service.

I really wish you all the very best for Thursday... Keep those spirits up and keep us informed.

Take care


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