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Mets after Whipple


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I have been reading posts for a while now but this is the first time I have posted myself. My husband David (54) was diagnosed with PC on 10 July 2012. He had a successful Whipples procedure, tumor involved portal vein which was also dealt with successfully. 3 lymph nodes tested positive too. In September he had chemoradio (5FU pump and radiation every day for 25 days). After that he started on Gemcitabine and a daily Tarceva tablet. He had been feeling pretty good and was even working part time. He's had 17 weeks of treatment with 3 breaks but it was on on first week of this last break that he had some bloating in his stomach. Our oncologist suggested we wait and see if it got worse, well it did. This week he had a CT scan and some of the fluid aspirated and tested. Results showed suspicious spots on liver (2) and micro cancer cells in the fluid. We've seen the surgeon this week and he said that it's not operable but rather it's about buying time with the Chemo. Saw our oncologist on Wednesday who offered 3 options, clinical trial 5FU/Folinic Acid vs Irinotecan, gemcitabine/abraxane or Folfirinox. His advice is to start first with the clinical trial and then progress as required, Folfirinox last as it's so aggressive. We sought a second opinion yesterday which confirmed advice from our oncologist. We are shell-shocked, it was only 3 weeks ago we were told that technically he was in remission, now this! It's so unfair, as I know it is for all who suffer this horrible disease. Our surgeon says the liver doesn't worry him so much as the stomach. I have been reading about peritonectomy and have discovered a hospital in Sydney which performs this procedure (followed by warm Chemo into the stomach). We live in Melbourne, Australia by the way. I've also heard about the Hallwang Clinic in Germany offering alternative treatments. Has anyone heard of or experienced Hallwang or peritonectomy/Chemo procedure? Grateful for thoughts and advice. Jayne.

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Hi Jayne, welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about your husband, it certainly sounds like he's been through it!

I can't give any advice I'm afraid but didn't want to leave your post unanswered. My husband was diagnosed on 4 March this year and started his Folfirinox chemotherapy on Wednesday of this week. So far, his only side effect seems to be that he is absolutely shattered, although he did have a reaction to the ironatecan when it was being infused.

Hope you get the advice you need.

Best wishes


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Thanks Julia, we will make a decision re Chemo next week. In the meantime met with our physio today who has really become a friend. He is very much into holistic view. He says Chemo compromises the body's immune system so you need to help it build back up to help fight the cancer. It makes sense to us, so today I've been to the organic food shop and bought lots of fruit and veg, wheatgrass, turmeric, ginger and made a quite tasty juice for David (doesn't look the best but tastes ok!). Trying to avoid harsh chemicals on his body so bought body wash, deodorant and toothpaste composed of more natural product. It feels good to be taking a bit of control other than Chemo. Happy to share recipe if anyone would like it. Going back to meditation as well. Jayne

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