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Dad just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 15/04/13


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Hi my dad just been diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer which is inoperable at present. Looking for a second opinion at present and we have a meeting with orcologist today 18/04 to discuss treatments and the way forward! What a terrible disease this is going unnoticed until its advanced. Its going to be very hard the next few months but hes healthy and has lots of fight so we are going head on to beat this! We are keeping positive at this hard time!

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Its a point of view. Lots people believe in alternative treatements. Some people believe in the power of prayer too - I don't.

Some of the supplements you suggest, people could try IN TANDEM WITH CONVENTIONAL TREATMENT.

However to suggest that that method is used alone is foolish and dangerous.

Also posting it all over the forum, and at weekend when no moderators are around, is childish and doesn't help deliver your message in the way I assume you want to be received?

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I don't object to points of view, and alternative therapy has great value. What I am disgusted by is the insensitive, childish approach and the sweeping generalisations with no evidence base demonstrated, this view has been posted on numerous threads and is very destructive.

My thoughts are with the people who as you say have had their posts hijacked.

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Well having Googled the guy, I now DO object to his point of view.

Some interesting stuff out there about him.

I'm sure you already have but just in case - IGNORE!

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Please please don't be tempted to order any products mentioned,some can interact with medications etc plus you will be charged the earth!

I agree IGNORE!!

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