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What can we expect???


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Hi all,

Today I am very sad, Idon't know I just feel that the person I love the most is leaving!!!! I had this horrible feeling today. Is it normal??

My mum lives in Brazil with my sister and dad. I am living in London, actually I am still here to send some money and be able to help my mum to get the best treatment she can have out there.

It's been so difficult for me because, part of me wants to be with her and the other side needs to be here.

Today I phoned mum and she didn't want speak to me, she was tired, i said to my sister " tell her she doesn't need to speak , I just want her to listen to me". I said how much I love her and I am expecting her to get better so we can spend good time together for Christmas.

She had her Chemo 3 days ago and today when I was on the phone I heard her throwing up.

I just can't stop crying. I miss my mum so much and I feel so much for my sister who is doing all she can to help my mum herself - and you know- look after a PC patiente is not an easy job, specially when they are dibetic and are not able to injecting themselves insuline and keep having that hypoglycemia. Yes I know it has been difficulty for my sister.

My mum had a surgery ( but didn't remove any part os the tumour) and she is still throwing up and with dihorrea. Can anyone tell me why?

Is there anything that could help to minimise the diharrrea??

I don't know I think I don't have the strengh to be with her! I am so scared!!

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I am so very sorry to read your story. It must be very hard to be so far away from your mum when she is ill. Yes, it is hard for your sister, too, but if you were there and your sister here in England, you would do everything to look after your mum too.

Can the doctors not give your mum some tablets to help with the sickness and diarrohea? That is what happens here for people who are sick with chemo.

If your mum can't speak to you on the phone, send her a letter, or a card. Sometimes, receiving a nice card with some special words can mean a lot to someone who is far away. Send one to your sister and tell her she must also look after herself. It is easy to care for someone and not yourself, but the carer needs to be strong.

There is not much you can do and that makes you feel bad, but try to stay strong and keep in touch with your family.

So sorry for your heartache.



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HI Ellie,

Sorry if i am not replying in the right page but i don't know how this works..

Thank you for the message you left on my post "What can we expect!.

I spoke to my mum today and she was really good. Tomorrow she is having one more chemeo so tomorrow will probably be different.

The doctors in Brazil gave her some apecial medicine for her diabetes and for her sickness, and i send her a nce dress that she recived today! she liked but she said, " next time send me one with long sleeves because my arms are too floppy".

She has lost more than three stones though!

Anyway Ellie Thank yous o much! We don't even know each other but we are sharing one of the most difficult moments in our lives.

Thank you and lets keep in touch!

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