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Slight set back...


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Before I started Chemo on March 1st I was given a CT scan. I wasn't given any results of the scan other than a nurse phoned me to explain that my Chemo would be going ahead on March 1st, so I presumed nothing had changed from my last scan in December.

We went to see my consultant on Thursday and apparently the cancer has spread 'slightly' (his words) into my liver....

I asked him if he was overly concerned by this, he said "Not at all", also saying if the chemo works, it will also stop the cancer in my liver. I do trust his word, he has been absolutely honest with me all along the line, so I guess if he's not worried, then neither should I worry....but it's hard not...isn't it :|

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Hi Linda, they are not always forthcoming with information are they. Whilst they may not be concerned, it would still be good for them to share the information at the time. That said, I certainly noticed a difference by the end of the first cycle, so what they are saying about the chemo effects would seem to make sense. I hope you too are noticing some positive signs from the chemo. I have only had one CT scan to date at initial diagnosis at the end of November and have the second one this Monday. I am meeting the Oncologist on 4th April to see how it is behaving. It's so difficult not to worry about it regardless of what the experts are saying, even when things seem to be going well.

Take care


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Hi Linda - certainly difficult not to worry but I would take your oncologist at his word and I have certainly heard of chemo doing exactly what he has said. They obviously can't promise anything but his optimism is wonderful - take hold of it and use it to your advantage. Keeping everything crossed that all goes well for you and also for you Steve. Do keep us posted.

lots of love



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