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where does it end??


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Things are hard!!! Really tough, watching my father who has pancreatic cancer aswell as peritoneal, he also had colon cancer ! He originally had a scan for diverticulitis in june 2012 when the scan showed up a small lesion in his pancreas but he didnt have any treatment for it until january 2013!! Obviously doctors couldnt operate as they found peritoneal cancer! my dad was looking the best he had done in years and we were all shocked ! he had just had a operation for a colostomy bag as he had bad diverticulitis, and doctors had removed a tumour from his colon! But doctors told us that there was no need to call back my brother from abroad, as my dad was on the mend! so we were devestated when they told him 6-12 months and chemo wouldnt help much , maybe give him a few extra months but it would make him ill doctors advised against it. He was gutted we all were, a week went by and no one knew what to say or how to act we just tried to act as normal as possible ! Dad obviously depressed, started eating less, and started looking unwell! we thought maybe it was the news of his prognosis as he said there was no pain! But then over night he became unwell he got a blockage and was taken to hospital where doctors drained 3 litres from him! His blockage hadnt cleared and doctors decided to see if they could operate to see if they could clear it , but the cancrr had spread my dad was riddled with cancer! My dad had a blockage in his bowel and doctors couldnt help him, We've been told he will never eat again ! Hes been in hospital for 2 weeks now and hasnt eaten anything for 20 day's! we know hes not ever coming home ! He has a bag of nutrients to feed him and a syringe driver, he had the tube from his stomach coming out his nose which is constantly producing bile! Hes dehydrated he can drink as much fluids but he cant keep up with the amount his body is throwing out!! Doctors say could be anything up to 3 months ! I feel so sad as I know my dad would of liked yo be home , I know and he knows with all the tubes attached to him it would be impossible ! So hospice is where we would like him to go, its hard so hard dealing with it all and watching this evil disease eat him from the inside out. But now we have been told that the hospice can't take him unless he has the tube in his nose removed! doctors were hoping they could give him injections to stop the bile . But they tried and it didnt work so the tube is staying or my dad could have it removed and my dad be sick ! so now it looks like dad will spend his last days in hospital! it breaks my heart!!!!!!!

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Oh Auri,

What a terrible situation you find yourself in. Your poor dad. Does he have a palliative care doctor? Are you able to speak to his doctors? Why can't the hospice take him with the tube? That seems a bit harsh to say the least, do you have a Macmillan nurse involved? Sorry for all the questions, I feel your frustration and anger that there seems no where to go. It seems such a shame that things can't be different. I really hope his situation improves soon. I wish I could offer you some better advice or support, this is a vile disease it makes me so sad to read stories like this. Thinking of you. Lots of love Catherine xxx

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So sorry to hear that your Dad's plans to move to the hospice over the weekend fell through. It must be so difficult to watch him go through all of this. I do hope that things improve and that you are getting enough support as family.

Sending you love and strength.



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My heart goes out to you, I know how hard it is to see someone you love so very unwell and feel theres nothing you can do.You are in my thoughts and I hope that your father is not too uncomfortable x Jacqui x

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I was hoping someone might know, my dad has not eaten for 22 days now, his cancer has spread to his stomach, and bowel he has a blockage! whateverhe ate he was bringing back up as it couldnt get through! He was only allowed fluids and was being fed nutrients via a bag and drip! Hes had this for 2 weeks but doctors decided to take it off yesterday as they said its not doing anything! Obviously the doctors know what they are doing but its worrying! it was the only bit of goodness going into him! Its really worrying me how is he surviving with only fluids!? He is drinking lots but very dehydrated! ! My dad has always been very tanned and he still is! ive noticed that his hands are as white as milk bottles and its so noticable against his arms!Can anyone give me the reason why his hands are so white ? its horrific to watch this disease killing my poor dad !

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi Auri,

Sorry to hear of your story of your father's illness and management, I am sure it is ust as distressing for others to read this. I do wonder if your father is just dehydrated and that his hands are white because of this. When someone is dehydrated, thirst is a very good symptom that can be used as a guide. Also in a case like this our body tends to 'shunt' the fluid toward the most vital parts of the body, ie heart, kidneys and the brain, so often your hands become cold, white (as you say), and also you might find your father's feet are cold. You mentioned that he is very thirsty, do you know if his blood sugars are being checked, thirst is also a sign of high blood sugars and if this is so they may need to be monitored and treated.

Have you talked to the team to ask them what the plan is with your father re his ongoing care. I know you mentioned the hospice, and is there anyway they can help you to facilitate this? By all means please do not hesitate to email (support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk) or phone Jeni and I if we can help (020 35357099) you with all you are dealing with at present.

Hope this information helps Auri.

Best wishes,


Support Team

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