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Just wondering if anybody had had this problem. I was expecting fat malabsorption after my Whipples and having to take pancreatic enzymes. However, I never needed them and haven't used them since the very early days. However, suddenly before Christmas I had terrible trouble with loose, smelly stools and liquid fat being passed. My doctor cannot see any reason for the change and if I take Creon things much better, but I worry about the cause of this sudden change. Tests for cancer, etc have all come back normal and my diet hasn't changed. Horrible topic but I'd be interested if anyone else has had a similar problem. :?:

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Hi Eileen

Sorry, but can't help with any useful information but just wanted to say that I am sure one of the support team will pick up on this tomorrow and come back to you (you may want to ring them if you prefer a 1:1 chat?)

Hoping that you get the info you need.

kind regards



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Hi Eileen

I'm only 1.5 years post whipple and do need to take Creon so unable to answer your question. However, if your interested there is a whipples survivors group on Facebook, I joined last week and have found it very helpful.


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