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Always cold to the extent of shivering


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Since being diagnosed with PC I've had a poor appetite, food just doesn't appeal to me, so I guess I'm not really inputting enough fuel to keep the home fires burning - so to speak.

I don't like taking pain killers on an empty stomach, so I'll have some soup or a small sandwich, but I'm finding of late (and I realise it is cold weather at the moment) that I get so cold I can hardly function, so I quickly wrap myself up in a blanket with an hot water bottle.

Once I've had a bite to eat and taken a pain killer I am okay until I move into another room when again I start to shiver with cold, though the heating is on and the house is warm.

I have heard that people with cancer are more susceptible to feeling the cold, but would it really be to the point of shivering and feeling like every nerve in my body is paining.

Does anyone else feel this?



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Hi Linda,

My husband also feels the cold now although especially to his hands and feet. The electric blanket is a godsend and I always warm his pj's. The best thing for him though are these disposable hand and feet warmers you can buy from Millets or any outdoor shops. Cost about £1.25 and stay warm for around 8 hours. Just brilliant.

Take care

Karen xx

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Hi Linda

I think it is right that you will feel more susceptible to the cold. Your body is coping with a lot right now and it will be finding it difficult doing all of that and maintaining consistent body temperature. Drink plenty of warm drinks - I know you don't have much of an appetite but soups and bovril type drinks are warming and nutritious so you can't go wrong there. Just keep an eye on the shivering thing - I recall my husband shivering and dithering and we were told it could be a sign on infection. We had wrongly assumed only to look out for fever/high temperature. It might be worth checking?

Fingers crossed this cold weather leaves us soon.

Take care



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My daughter gave me a wonderful present for Christmas - an electrically heated throw - heats up almost instantly. Great on a cold day - might be worth investing in - my cats adore it!



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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Linda,

Debs is absolutely right. Shivering can be a sign that you have a temperature and an infection somewhere.

Please be vigilant in checking your temperature, especially after you start chemo. You will need to get yourself a digital thermometer, and keep it for your use only.

Shivering can be the body's response to cooling itself down when you have a temperature, so do not ignore it. it might be nothing to do with being cold!



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