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EUS cancelled due to low platelets, advice?


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Hi again.

my motehr in law's procedure was cancelled today due to low platelets? She has never had problems such as this before. Obviously we understand why it would be dnagerous to proceed. the nurse told her the lists next week were full!! It will be two weeks onFriday since the CT and ultrasound confirming the mass and we are still no closer to a defintive diagnosis and/or traetment plan. yet this cancer is growing. Does anyone know why she would have low platelets and can this be treated? We were lead to believe there was a very small chance she could be border line resectable but presume they were awaiting today's results. We just feel like we are getting no where. I have left a message with our liaison nurse who should come back to me tomorrow and I have left a message with endscopy stating that she cannot wait any longer for this biopsy!

Feel so frustrated. Just not sure where we go next with low platelets.Thanks again,

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Hi - how frustrating for you. So sorry to hear of the delay. Obviously not safe to proceed with the procedure with low platelets but I am sure they will replenish themselves and you will be able to crack on. Not sure there is anything that can be done, my husband had a low platelets result which resulted in a cancelled chemo but all was ok a week later and everything proceeded. Good idea to keep chasing though - hard work for you, but others will tell you, very worth it. I hope you can get things moving for your mother in law soon. lots of love



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