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Here we go....at last


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Well, after the MDT meeting last Friday morning and after what seems like a life time of wating for me, Dr [name removed - moderator] secretary phoned me Friday afternoon to make an appointment for me to see him next Tuesday 5th February....PHEW!! I don't actually know this doctor, but he resides in the Macmillan Dept of my hospital.

I'm obviously rather anxious about going to see him. My hubby is coming with me and possibly my in-laws so that four pairs of ears should be enough to grasp what is being said.

First, I suppose I need to have some indication as to what he will be able to do for me. I'm hoping and praying it will be Chemo with a view to shrinking the tumour and please God getting rid of it by maybe having an operation.....I've got to live with this hope, I've just got to.

Even if he says it's just palliative I've got to hope that it could become curative.

I'm trying to think of the correct type of questions to ask him:

1. The type of Chemo to be used.

2. To what outcome of the Chemo.

3. Will Radio follow.

4. Is there a chance of the Whipple operation.

5. ?

Please does anyone have any ideas about what to ask? I realise no-one on the Forum will know my case history, but if you feel there are special questions I should be asking, please can you help me?

I would so appreciate advice.

Thank you & please wish me luck.

Linda x

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Definitely wishing you luck Linda. You seemed to be well prepared for your appointment and so glad you have plenty of people willing to come along for morale support - there is always such a lot to take in and more than one pair of ears is always a good idea. So glad to hear your positive attitude - keep that up - it will make such a difference I promise you!

Keep us posted.




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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Linda,

So pleased to hear that you have finally had an appointment come through. Great news!

Things to remember to ask are the exact diagnosis, type of cancer, size of it etc....Whether it is near any important blood vessels. And whether many options of chemo are available to you ie: a stronger type or just the standard. How long you will have chemo for, and when they will do the next CT scan. Things like this. Usually, if offering chemo, they will give you time to go away and read all the info, and probably ask you to come back in a few days or a week to sign up for it. You can then use this time to collate any further questions you might have.

Do email if you need any more help,



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