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they are not stenting as surgery still a small option?


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hi there,

Today's news. We have been now told that there is still a chance she could have surgery (whipple). They are now not stenting until the pancreatic specialist unit at Southamton have had a look at the ct scans. she is having a EUS on wednesday so I expect we will know more then. we were told last week that it was T4, N1, M0 at a guess, although not confirmed so we presumed surgery was not an option and they were just doing a biopsy and stenting. The news today is that the local consultant thinks there could still be a chance so does not want to stent as this could jeopardise a whipples? however, obviously if she is not a candidate they will stent. She has is otherwise fit and healthy? Any thoughts or advice. I know only a few are amenable to surgery.


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Sound promising - chance of whipples? Keeping everything crossed that this is a goer. No advice, other than keep positive and try to be patient - hopefully all will go in your favour. Keep us posted won't you?




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I am 54 years old similar situation to your MIL in that I was healthy and thought I took care of myself. Anyway I had a whippels 16 months ago followed by six months of chemo. It's no walk in the park and obviously no guarantees but I do hope your MIL is a candidate for surgery as it does give some hope. Do keep in touch and let us know how she gets on.


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