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devastated mother in law diagnosed yesterday.


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Hi there,

First of all so sorry any of you are going through this. My dear mother in law, aged 64, fit and healthy, was unfortunately diagnosed with pancreatic cancer yesterday. She had indigestion and heart burn for 4 weeks. She had gone off certain foods but just put it down to getting older. Then the symptoms got worse and she felt like food was getting stuck and had awful pain and sickness. Her GP thought she had an ulcer but later she developed jaundice. They admitted her to hospital last Friday and did an ultrasound scan which showed a mass in the pancreas. A ct scan that day confirmed a tumour. She is now booked for an EUS and stenting on Friday/Monday next available list. She has gone home today with oramorph and build up shakes as she has lost almost 1/2 stone in a week. We are hearing more and more about how serious this is. I have read the average prognosis. We have been told that the disease is Locally Advanced. They think it could be in the near by lymph nodes but not spread to other organs yet... We were hoping she may have been a candidate for the Whipple procedure but I think our only chance is chemo, if she does does.

We are completely shocked. She is so fit and healthy, never smoked or drank and always exercises, looks after her grand children frequently, a lovely lady, why?

I know we have a hard long journey ahead of and we are trying to stay up beat and strong for her but we are also terrified as we just do not know what to expect.

Thanks for listening.


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hi there lisa, welcome to our support group, Yes diagnosis, when totally out of the blue, is devastating, it is normal, to think the absolute worst case scenario!!. Please try and be positive cos will keep you all and mum more upbeat, giving up already will make you all worse.

Seems impossible right now i guess, but will come if you work at it, the rollercoaster will start soon, you will feel then that something is being done, is not all doom and gloom, though i know so many have had very sad experiences and short time left after diagnosis, everyone is not the same.

Have a read of some of the older posts and read the stories on this site, to access older posts click on the postee's name and it will take you to where you can choose which section of postings you want to read.

Wishing the whole family, lots of strength and positiveness, keep posting with any queries, sure someone will do there best to help, do not forget the helpline on here where u will receive advice and help on absolutely anything,

Take care, love laura x

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Dear Lisa,

So sorry to hear your devastating news. You will get lots of support from this website, also lots of practical info. We are here to help and support you, and to help you support your mother-in-law.

Do let us know what news you get from the consultants, and remember to push hard if you think they are not moving fast enough. Be polite but firm!

Thinking of you and wishing you much courage!


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Dear Sue and Laura,

thanks for your prompt replies. Really appreciate it. We are still awaiting if she is on the friday list for a EUS and stent, I have chased the hospital and they are speaking with the cons who performs them at lunch time and calling me back. They will also carry out biopsies. fingers crossed. Its all the waiting that is frustrating. I just dont want her to have to wait until next week. She seems ok at the moment and looks well apart from the jaundince - but she likes a tan! We are keeping up beat and positive and will take one step at a time. Its just such a shock at the moment. we will take each day as it comes. I know we will know more after the EUS so everything is hanging in the wings again.

Do have any experience of stenting, I have been told by numerous health care professional that this should make a big difference to how she is feeling, and she should regain her appetite and have more energy? I have been reading about Creon is that something she could take later. I will mention it to the Liaison nurse tomorrow.

Thanks again for your kind words,

L x

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Hi Lisa

So sorry to hear about your Mother in law, my Dad age 62 was diagnosed with PC in November, also fit and healthy, ate well, active etc. He had a stent put in and found he felt so much better, the jaundice does make you feel really ill! So i'm sure it will make a huge difference to your MIL. Unfortunately this cancer does drastically effect weight, my dad lost 2 stone in a few weeks, Creon is extremely important and will help a lot. The support team on here gave me lots of info on it and I pushed for my dad to get some and he has stopped losing weight since taking them.

Keep strong, we are all here to support each other

Much love


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Hi Lisa,

Sorry to meet you under such terrible circumstances, but I'm sure you will find tremendous support and kindness here like I have. My mother-in-law is currently at the hands of this awful disease too so I just wanted to offer you some support too!

Please stay positive as you will find everyone's journeys different and prognosis isn't everything, currently my MIL has surpassed her prognosis so try not to get bogged down with dates. I would only advise you to ask as many questions here and to medical staff as you need to and never feel on your own because there will always be someone here to lend an ear.

Will keep you and your family in my thoughts..

Sam x

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Hi Lisa

So sorry to hear about your mother in law but glad that you have found this forum - I know it helped me and I hope you find lots of useful information as well as new friends who will support you through this difficult time. My husband, like your mother in law, was diagnosed with PC after becoming ill and jaundiced and the first procedure he had was a stent insertion to clear his bile duct - he was a new man after this procedure! I promise you, your mother in law will feel an immediate benefit. You will have a lot of new information to digest over the coming weeks and a lot to take on board and come to terms with. You will no doubt feel knocked for six as this disease seems to come from nowhere and leaves those diagnosed and their families reeling. Do try and keep positive - you will no doubt soon have an appointment with an oncologist to discuss treatments options - you will be able to read lots of positive stories on here so focus on those and take each day as it comes. I do hope your mother in law is feeling better soon and is able to gain some strength. I am sure she will gain great comfort from having such a lovely caring family around her. Know that you are not alone either and do keep in touch.

lots of love



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