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John....any one had similar ??


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My husband John was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and spots on the liver in November. We were told that is was n. ot operable, but treatable. He had a stent put in his liver on Nov 24th, which was unsuccefully. He then had a nerve block a week later. On Dec 16th, he had a bile duct procedure, which was not a 100% success, due to that they could not get it down all the way. The doctors tried 3 times, they then took him back in on Dec 24 and tried again without total success. He was admitted to hospital on Dec 27th, due to the terrific pain in was in with the stent. He was in hopsital until last Wed, Jan 9th, where he as transferred to a Sue Ryder hospic for pain management. We were told before he went there, that once they had sorted his pain relieve out, he would start chemo. We have now been told that more than likely chemo will not be an option as they cannot get the bile duct situation sorted out. Has anyone else been in this situation and had a different kind of bile duct procedure or operation to clear the bile duct?

If anyone can give us any help.


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Hi Jen

So sorry to hear about your husband, John. You must be absolutely devastated and now wondering what can be done. My husband had a stent in his bile duct as his tumour was pressing on it and causing an obstruction. The first procedure failed (they had a tremendous battle to insert it via endoscopy probably because my husband was struggling such a lot due to the shock of what the procedure entailed) and he had another fitted which went perfectly (they sedated him more this time). Not sure what your options are but certainly worth asking lots more questions. I would suggest you ring the support team here as they will offer you some qualified advice and support.

Good luck with that and do keep us posted, we are here for you as your support system and we all understand how difficult it is.

lots of love



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