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Thinking of you

Hope your Xmas was ok

Happy 2013, when it comes

Can imagine how you are feeling

This is our second Xmas without mum-- never far from our minds

Just try and think of the nice happy memories,family jokes and stories

Take care



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Thank you so much for posting to me, this really means so much.

Christmas was... pants to be honest. It didn't help that I had hurt my back quite badly so was completely drugged up, and I monumentally mucked up the Christmas dinner, somehow managed to cook all the veg, and then it took 2 hours to cook the turkey...hmm nice sloppy mess of veg, not quite sure how I managed that but I am blaming the painkillers that I was on.

It also didn't help that both my husband and I were stressed out about my Dad being over, things have been very difficult with Dad, and he didn't make things easy for us. Constantly moaning and sniping etc etc.

Since then I have managed to chat to Dad about how I'm feeling, and things are a bit better. The 30th wasn't too bad, toasted mum, took some flowers to the crem, and was put forward for a job position, which considering the day I took that as a good sign. I am feeling a lot calmer these last few days, this time last year was awful, Dad was about to have his heart op and my emotions were all over the place.

This year I feel more positive.

I hope that you had a good Christmas and new year.

love louie xxx

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Glad you have tried to sort out things with your dad-not easy to deal with,but for you and your family it had to be spoken about.

You may end up doing it again in a few months .

Glad you got through the last two weeks.

Great news about new job offer

Next year you could order Xmas meal from M and S--lol

I had an easy meal to cook- just hubbie and daughter( turkey crown from M and S )

Visited brother and nieces in the morning--as we always did with mum (except last year )

Sister and I still not spoken since Oct 2011--when things got split (think I said before we were like that off and on always,send Xmas and birthday cards -weird, but I cannot pick up the phone ) she lives down south and we are in Scotland

On a brighter note my birthday is on the 10th,I will be 52 and cannot believe mum was at my 50th house party ,was well and was dead by the June.

Lucky for me I am going to Tenerife on Friday for a week.

Just my husband and I.

We are going to where I went with mum in Oct 2010( her last good hol ) and I am not going to get upset,just laugh about how frustrated I was feeling toward the end of week with her -- like getting off and on sun loungers,deciding what to eat etc etc ( first holiday just the two of us,she came with our family a few times after dad died in 2005 and really enjoyed those weeks.

Anyway sorry to rabbit on

Take care

And hope job turns out good



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