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My husband was diagnosed in September and it feels like a life ago. He is inoperable and onle receiving paliative care. I am desperate and trembling. Manage to sleep only little bits and wake up to the nightmare. Have lived together for more than 35 years and cannot imagine life without him; he is my north, my rock, everything. People keep on saying they can imagine how I feel. How can they? My children are broken. Why is this happening? He has a beautiful mind and so much to give. Neither of us is 60 yet. Why must our inmense happiness end so soon? And the world goes on. How unfair!

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Hi, I am so sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis. This really is an awful sneaky cancer. I cannot imagine how you feel, if my husband was ill I don't know what I would do. I lost my mum in December last year, very sad and my dad is heartbroken. Use this forum as much as you can. Everyone is in the same terrible boat, some further along than others, it is an amazing site, where you make friends, can rant, cry and not be judged. The help team are great, if you need information or advice.

Take care of yourself. Xxx

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hello wife, welcome to your new family and support group,everyone on here has been, or is going through the rollercoaster journey, that you have started on, with so many twists and turns.

your hubbys diagnosis is so very new, and your thoughts and feelings so very normal, life will settle down, honest, it will just be "a differant normal"

you say your hubby is receiving pallative care, what treatment/care is he on?

i dont think that anyone is told that their pc is "curable" [ i could be wrong] the majority of sufferers are inoperable, as was my hubby, but he had 19 months of chemo and 2 yrs 9mths on is doing ok. you can read his story by clicking on my name and "view posts".

so many stories on here, if you post some more details about your hubby, you will get more applicable advice, if you can, try and be positive, it should really help you both, try and get some pleasures from each day, doesnt have to be expensive, something you both enjoy, etc, laugh, talk and love a lot, and enjoy each other every day.

tis something everyone should do, cancer or no cancer, but we tend to rush along, working, busy, busy etc and forget why we were together in the first place.

i DO understand your worries and your fears, try not to waste enery on something that you cannot change, and spend that energy doing something positive together.

hope this will be a little help to you, sending love and strength to you both and your family. laura xx

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Hi there, I know how frustrated you are feeling, my Dad has just been diagnosed with inoperable PC and he is just 62! Always been active and eaten healthily and I just think "why him?" It is so unfair and such a hideous disease but the people on this site are so supportive and full of great advice so keep asking questions, I do! Stay strong and keep us posted. Morwenna x

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hi wife, which thread are you going to use and like replies on, both headed "first post" and same post,one on carers and one on advanced cancer ? not sure if it was an error? cheers laura, and hope you feel a little more in control x

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