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post-operation blues


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all

My name is Davie and I've been using this forum for a while now. I'm 41 and was diagnosed with inoperable advanced P/C back in august, I receive chemotherapy 3 weeks out 4 and am doing reasonabley well as I wont give up I wish you all my best.

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Hi Davie

Words cannot describe how sorry I am that you are joining us on this site but I can promise all the support and encouragement I can muster. I am so pleased to hear that your not giving up, have you looked at the "real stories" on this site of people who have operable and inoperable PC? I found these encouraging and inspiring.

Is your chemo gemcitabine? I had this for three weeks on and the fourth week off for six months, it was tough but manageable.

Do you have family who are supporting you Davie and are you getting good support from your GP etc?

As I'm sure you have read from my previous posts I am living in a static caravan on a building plot. Everyone says how exciting but believe me it has its downfalls, like today, no heating as we have a gas leak. On the up side they can come and fit new pipe work Wed next week. Well, at least it will be done for Christmas lol.

Please keep in touch.


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Hi Davie,

Sorry about the situation, it must of been a dreadful shock, I'm Carl and I found out in Sep. The forums have helped me, I also think its been good to talk to others, it helped me, and the forums have been great to speak to others in a similar situation. Hope the chemo is going ok Davie, I start mine on Friday.

Looking back at your other post it looks like you found out by getting jaundice, and they expected gallstones due to your age, that the same as me Davie, I was in a ward that dealt with that type of thing, which is prob what happened to yourself.

Anyway Davie, Sue (the lady who put the previous message) we have both been in touch via email, if you need anyone to talk to give us a shout.

Really wish you well Davie


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