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Suggestions - which hopefully can help - when diagnosed


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I have not posted on here before but have read it many times since my dad was diagnosed with this horrendous disease last year. My father was unable to have surgery and is having Gemcap - 3 weeks on and 1 week break. I just wanted to say what a fantastic help and support many people on here are that are going through an extremely tough time themselves. I just wanted to mention a few things below - which may help people whose loved ones have been recently diagnosed - if one suggestion helps then great. I know when my dad was diagnosed - I was grateful for any suggestions...

As the appetite is small and because of weight loss- think whatever they do eat or drinks needs to have the highest calorie/fat content. Change milk to full fat milk. Make milkshakes -Calshakes which the oncology department provided us with are 600 calories each when made up with full fat milk (we also add clotted cream ice cream) If they drink coffee or eat porridge - make all with full fat milk. Ambrosia rice - is something eaten easily and high on fat content.

Certain soups (usually the fresh ones) which are easier to consume - are high in fat/calorie.

Make sure the persons feet are raised - when they are sat down and also up on pillows when in bed. We have also been provided with a blow up mattress - which lays on top of a normal mattress, by the hospice. We also purchased a cushion for him to sit on when in his arm chair - this can help with bed sores and will be more comfortable because of the weight loss.

The chemo can cause dry skin - udder cream which you can buy off the internet is very good to help with the hands and ears which get sore (some oncology departments may provide this cream.)

With pain control - it is about getting the right pain relief balance. My dad has mst tablets (which are slow release morphine) and he takes these twice a day. Then oramorph for when there is pain in between.

As there is so much medication - we have put together a chart on paper which lists all his medication and when he needs to take it and we have a new chart each day and tick it off.

Our local hospice have been brilliant - and if you haven't already - make sure you are in contact with your local hospice. We often rang them - and they were able to give us advice on medication quantities which we could increase too.

Creon capsules are also recommended to help patients gain weight and help with pain after eating (which can also be a symptom).

I hope some, if any - has been helpful to people.

Positive thoughts sent to everyone.

Take care of yourselves and loved ones x

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Thank you for such a wonderfully supportive and helpful post. So kind of you to share your experience and tips - I am sure that will help many who read the forum as you have done. I do hope things are going well for your Dad - do let us know. Take care and thanks again.




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Thankyou for your post I think it will be very useful to a lot of us sharing the same journey.My husband started taking creon over a week ago and has regained all the weight he initially lost and as a result looks a lot better and will certainly benefit him as he starts chemotherapy on Friday.

I do hope everything is going well with your dad.

Sending strength and support to you and your family



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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi There,

Thank you so much for the very helpful post, and for the willingness to share your tips with others. These are indeed very valuable and helpful, especially about the dietary intake and how to increase calories. It is really great when people share experiences, and I am sure it will help many on here.

Once again, thank you for sharing.

Kind regards,


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