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Keeping Gary with me

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Hi all

Just wanted to share with my forum family how I am now keeping my lovely husband Gary with me. As many of you know, Gary died in April and it has took me several months to think about what I wanted to go with his ashes. It is such a responsibility that sometimes weighed heavy - I so wanted to do the right thing and I kept changing my mind which told me that I needed to wait and not rush things. I finally took delivery today of a beautiful glass paperweight and pendant, both had been hand crafted and blown to include some of Gary's ashes. The ashes create the most beautiful pattern in the glass and almost make it come alive. They are both engraved with personal messages. I have put the paperweight in my bedroom next to his photo and I will wear the pendant. They were made by a company called "Ashes into Glass" and can be found on-line. They are very well organised and do as you wish with great respect, care and attention. I am absolutely delighted to now be able to have my husband near me every day. I am now happy to scatter the remains of his ashes down in Cornwall where we shared many happy times as a family. I know this is not for everyone, but just thought I would share this with you in case anyone else wanted to remember and keep their loved ones with them in a similar way.

Love and strength to everyone on the forum. I continue to think of you all.



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Oh Deb, that is lovely, just lovely. I have just looked at the website and they are beautiful. Not an option for me as Pete has always said, and has repeated since diagnosis, that he wants to be buried and he has chosen the cemetery (he does not want anything to do with his funeral - just to know where he is going). As you know it was my birthday last Friday and next Friday it is our 27th wedding anniversary so Pete is buying me an eternity ring (the first ring since engagement and wedding rings) - we are looking at sapphire and diamond rings - and like you I shall wear it and be wearing a part of him. Thank you for sharing this with us, love Sue xxx

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I think this is lovely, my mum wanted my dads ashes buried in the garden so he would always be where he loved to spend his time. She worried so much before she told us she couldn't part with him, so he's in the window bottom looking out on his garden. I'm going to tell her about this as this may be just what she needs. Thank you, Jayne

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