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Hi all my husband is 10 days post surgery and so far has been recovering well he has today though been very nauseus and has vomitted. Is this normal?

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

I am pleased to hear your husband has been recovering well from his surgery thus far. It is not unusual for patients to often feel nauseous and occasionally vomit especially when increasing their amount of food and fluids.

I am not sure where your husband is at with his 'eating regime' and I am presuming he is still in hospital. From past experience with patients it may be helpful not to have drinks when having a main meal, due to the fact that the stomach has become used to not having food for several days and also if the surgery involved the lower end of the stomach this also has an impact. Sometimes patients will find in those first few days to weeks that certain foods will make them feel sick, this can be the simplest things ie soups, orange juice,some heavy meat or spicy dishes, some salad foods and this may be due to the acid content of food and also if it is difficult to digest.

If your husband is still in hospital, I would hope that the nurses are monitoring the amount and frequency that your husband has been vomiting, and also giving him antisickness medication.

If you would like to email us (support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk) and give me some more information ie if your husband is still in hospital, where he is at with his eating regime currently I will email you back and provide some more information. I hope this is helpful.


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