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My Amazing Mam, Advanced, Devastated. (fast)


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When I first posted on this site, we were ready and waiting on any treatment and my mam was doing amazing,

I had read how fast this disease can take hold, but looking at my mam pottering about it was just so hard to imagine.

In April, just 11 weeks ago, we took my mam out for lunch for her birthday, she had discomfort etc, but she ate well and was fine, going shopping and still doing the normal things (3 weeks before diagnosis)

June now , and just last week, we walked arm in arm into the hospital to her first oncology meeting, slowly, fragile and a bit unsteady - but she walked.. and she was still pottering about later on at home.

Today just 1 little week later - the last 2 nights she's been unable to walk up the

stairs to bed.. we had a routine visit from the hospice doc yest and we are now waiting for a surgical bed for her front room.. and he increased her morphine dosage.

she hasnt been able to eat, just one ensure drink yest, she is just so weak and finding it really hard to even talk or sit up.

Dont even know at this point how she would get into the car to travel to her next hospital meeting, please steroids kick in and do something fast.xx

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dear ella, so sorry to read your post, afraid cant offer any answers or advice, other than be there as much as you can for mum, she might just want the comfort of you being close and holding her hand, its truly awful reading posts like yours so many people, so much heartache, is there anyone out of hours, like your hospice , that could offer some ideas?

truly, am thinking of you all, take care of each other, you have so much to do, i am sorry.

love laura xx

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Hi Laura.. Thankyou so much for your kind thoughts..

occupational health is expected to call tomorrow to see if they can do anything to help mam,

She has an amazing spirit, which is definately helping her,

Her jaundice is suddenly more noticable. Its the quick onset of her weakness that scares me, its getting more difficult for her to manage solid food and takes so long to 'go down', it feels uncomfortable, she had some tinned fruit today (juice mainly)but dont know if anything can be done about this.. ..it seems as soon as my mam starts coping with new symptoms, not too far behind there always seems to be something extra to deal with, and always so many questions..I guess all simular stories walking the same path, just different dates

I painted her nails for her earlier and fussed with her hair.. priceless

I loved reading your story Laura, its so great to hear the positives, which will always give hope to others, Im guessing Bri is your partner?.. Im just so so happy for you both.. Go Bri!

Love and best wishes to you both

Love Ella xx

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hi there ella, tks for your reply, it can be such a rollercoaster of symtoms and differant meds, ifeel so much for all of the folks on here, and am always aware that it could be me writing! i do realize how lucky we are.

yes brian is my husband, my friend my lover my life. we will have been married 30 years next month, although together 32 years, he is 63 and i was 72 on sunday, he jokes hes my toyboy, and that ive "broken" him ,lol, am doin my best to make him whole again!

enough frivolity, keep us posted about your mum, am sure she loved having her nails done and her hair fiddled with, i know i do. perhaps you could go and be pampered a little, or get someone in to do you and mum?

take care ella, my love and best wishes to mum and you, laura xx

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Hi Laura.. Im always thinking of you and your amazing bri all the time.. love your story.. I just seem to be rushing here and there at mo, dipping in and out of this forum , wld like to reply when have more time..

Sending you lots of love for now Ella xx

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