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My Amazing Mam, Advanced, Devastated. (1st Oncology Meeting)


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Hi All..


My First Post is in the 'advanced forum' in which Ive told all about my amazing mam and how she was diagnosed.

Her pc has spread to her liver, a cat scan revealed this in May 2012..

She is doing really well, her mental strength is amazing and she is always smiling and positive, as we all are.. (as much as we can in these circumstances)

She is taking morphine tablets.. also oral, paracetemol & anti-sickness.

She also has DVT in her leg, which has injection for.

She has just had her first oncology meeting and was told that due to her liver damage she cannot have chemotherapy at this time, as it will make her very ill and cause her to over dose with the build up of toxins.

The Oncologist seemed surprised that she doesnt spend any time in bed during the day, and still manages to potter, if only to the kitchen a couple of times.. bless her xx

She's been prescribed steroids for 2 weeks.. and then must go back to see him July 2nd 2012..

I dont know what to make of this - good or bad .. a few questions are going around in my head as to what the aim of the steroids are for...

..to help the liver, or for pain or appetite, or to help towards chemo, anyone understand this pls?

Thankyou for listening..

Love to all

Ella xx

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