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Hi I'm Nanny and thought I had better introduce myself


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Hi, I am nanny, new to PCUK, I have been eagerly reading all the posts on this website, gleening any info I can,

having now accustomising myself, is that the right word? to the fact my Husband has the dreaded PC. He only had a backache! After going through all the emotions like denial and bitterness and now acceptance, as you do.

Rivers I have cried and all my children too, its such a hard thing as it is so daunting when diagnosed so late.

We ran about like headless chickens for a few weeks, not accepting that this was it, trying to find out more, didn't even now what your pancreas did! or where it was! My Family too have been ringing around the world thinking that there must be more on offer besides palative care.

We have settled down a bit now after the initial shock, and my Husband (60) has just finished his 3rd cycle of Gemcitabine and had his CT scan showing that his tumors appear to have got smaller, although my Husbands health doesn't compare to this. He has PC in the tail 6.5cm, with secondary to his liver. He is very tired

all the time and does very little, with loss of appetite, and looking a little yellow, how some people manage to still work I will never know.

I'v only just discovered how to start a topic, must be an age thing, I didn't want to jump in on someone elses thread. My Husband has a phobia of needles and any hospital procedure, he lives in fear of the next treatment and we feel he is losing his mind, this is becoming a harder battle than the illness, getting worse as each week goes by, we have tried Hypnotherapy, Diazapam, on prescription, Lorazapam before we go, Ipods, Ipads, TV, Music, all to no avail, any suggestions? We are going to see another type of therapist this week and I am praying that this might do something. Well got that all off my chest, feels good to write it down

sorry I have droned on,


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Hi Nanny,

Welcome to the forum, although like the rest of us im sure you would rather not be here! It is a very supportive forum with people been through or going through this horrendous illness.

Like yourself my mum, dad and I had no idea what pancreatic cancer was and could not comprehend that there was not a whole big pile that can be done, let alone the statistics! Even still 10 months after my Dads been diganosed, I still search the internet for treatments and research for PC, just hopeing!

I feel like I live on a different planet from the rest of the world, although it has got easier to accept as times gone by.

It seems positive that your husbands tumor has shrunk, although you mentioned that he looked a bit yellow, have you got jaundice ruled out? Janudice is a common symptom of PC, can make you very ill and tired also.

It might maybe worth asking if your husband can have a permament picc line in for his chemo rather than having to get a needle in everytime to insert his line for treatment. I know some chemo patients get this done, worth an ask.

Keep in touch, always someone here if you need advise or just a good old rant! Hope things improve for your husband

Takecare Rachel Xx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Nanny,

You could ask about your husband having some kind of anaesthetic cream to apply to his hand prior to the cannula (needle) being inserted. Emla cream is really good. He will then not feel the pain, and as long as he does not watch, should be a much easier experience all round.


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Thanks Jenni and Rachael for your support and advice.

My husband does have a pic line the nurse has just come to flush it as we are on a week

break but he still goes to pieces having the flush, he says they are never going to take it out even if he gets the luck to ever have a longer break! and I have told the District Nurse they would never get another one back in!!

This is a rotten illness and I don't think you ever come to terms with it you just get

used to living with it.

We are trying a therapist, faith healer, come a bit of everything on Wednesday, worth a try, I will keep posted how we get on, not expecting miracles and know they can't help with the illness but what is going on in his head will be good.

The web site is good, full of information and support, I hope I will be using it for many years to come.


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