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message for helen [ali]


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hello helen,, was looking thru some old posts and see that its about a year since you came to the forum, and thought i would write to see how you are coping now, do hope you are feeling a little more settled?

you probably saw my update on bri last week, all good, everything stable, so brilliant news for us [ sorry if anyone reading this, has just had their world turned upside down x]

bri and i are , in a couple of weeks, off to canterbury for a week .

sad that we have to leave our little fluffy dog "poppy", a bichon frise, behind with our daughter, we have had her a year next month, my birthday pressie, best thing we have bought in a long while she is such good loving company for both bri and me, ahhh

anyway i waffle, really do hope your doing ok, love laura xx

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Hi Laura

just been browsing and saw your post

You are so kind to be thinking of me

So glad you two are doing well and don't be shy about posting good news--enjoy it all !

I am doing ok,can't believe where a year has gone

Mum would have been 80 last Mon,went to cemetery with Roses

Mostly take comfort that she got home for four nights and it was so quick that she did not suffer a lot of these awful symptoms and side effects that I see on these boards and that she did not lose her dignity

June 12th will be a sad day

Any I am off today as NHS have kept this as Bank Holiday in Scotland and not next Monday--so another day of pottering in garden and topping up tan

Have great holiday

Take care and thanks

Helen. Xxx

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