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How much Creon?


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Does anybody have advice on how many Creon to take? I had a Whipple in February 2010, in Belgium, and based on a faecal elastase test, was advised to take 15-20 Creon Forte (25,000 units) a day, before and during each of six small meals. Now, back in England, my new consultant has said I certainly do not need this amount of Creon and has told me to take 40,000 units three times a day. This was not on the basis of a faecal elastase test and he had not seen the results of the test done in Belgium. So I am confused and would welcome advice!

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hello suef, not sure how aware you are of my hubby bri's situation? he had attempted whipple april 2010, in head of pancreas, tumour wrapped round smv, so bits of work done and sewn back up, this was followed by 19 months of chemo, two shrinkages during that time but everything all static for last 14months, having break from chemo since nov 2011 n doing ok.

now about creon, bri also takes 25000 units, has 2 with cereal, 1 with peice of cake etc, 2 with sandwiches, 2 or 3 with main meal depending what he has , for example had fish and chips tonight,[bit greasy] took 3. would have 3 with dinner with beef or pork. so takes between 10 or 12 a day, i space them out during a meal, 1st 1 after couple of mouthfuls, 1 in the middle and one just before finishing, i beleive this way the capsule disolves over and between the food, aiding digestion. you cannot overdose on them, tis difficult getting bri to remember them, but im sure they have enabled him to maintain his weight. am sure bris situation differant to yours, so dont know how helpful this spiel is!?

all the best anyway, laura x

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Hello Sue,

I had a Whipple's in December 2010 and had already had a distal pancreatectomy so now have no pancreas.

I use the 10,000 unit Creon capsules.

I take a maximum of seven with a meal and two or three with a snack.

This adds up to 15-20 a day.

You must take the Creon with your food and the reason I like the smaller capsules is that I think you can get better mixing by taking say four 10,000's rather than one 40,000 by spreading them through the meal.

If you are taking the correct amount of Creon, you should not get steatorrhoea.

If you have steatorrhoea, take more Creon.

You have to judge it yourself and nobody can tell you how much you should take - it's all down to experience.

Best wishes,


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