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We had a letter from the funeral directors yesterday. Total amount of money raised for pancreatic cancer at mums funeral was £250. We had two charities instead of flowers. I am very pleased.

I am just about to go to a rememberance service for recently departed at the ellenor hospice, a sad time I'm sure.

I hope everyone is well, will chat again soon.

Louie xxx

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Thats a lovely idea to raise money Louie, well done! Hope your keeping as well as you can be, im sure its tough..Look after yourself..Rachel xx

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Hi Rachel, I'm keeping well thanks, its been very hard and really not looking forward to this weekend coming. How are you, and your dad?

I am keeping busy, going to do a table top sale in 2 weeks, half if what I'll make will go to pc. I will also have a collection box on my table, so hopefully will raise some money.

I am in a bit of a angry/teary state and am thinking maybe I need counselling, not sure if it will help, but could be worth a try.

Louie x

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Hi Louie, Ah im sure it is so hard, dread the day when it comes to my door step, its all i seem to think of at the minute. Its worth a go to get some counselling, let it all out. How is your Dad coping? Good on you for doing your fund raising, hope to do something myself soon.

Dad was taken of chemo after 4 cycles and now waiting a date for a scan (have been waiting 3wks now for a date). He coped really well with treatment so we were a bit miffed as to why they did not continue until 6 cycles as planned. They told us it is good to have a break from treatment and normal procedure when we asked for the reason why. He went back into hospital due to infection he could not fight off and put on antibotics. He is now home a week and half, feeling very tired although still eating very well. He is so down and seems a bit depressed at the minute. He does not want to discuss anything when we ask how he is feeling. So when he is down we are all down. Really hope he picks up again soon. Sure i suppose its to be expected when your whole world turns up side down, your bound to feel low at times.

Glad your hanging in there (even though its so bloody hard!) Take care of yourself..Love Rachel xx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Louie,

It really is amazing that you are doing fundraising, even though you are going through some tough times yourself at the moment.

It sounds like you may benefit from counselling. The majority of people who have counselling find it very helpful (as long as they persevere, as it might be difficult initially).

Most hospices these days offer bereavement counselling, which is quite specific, as opposed to general counselling.

If you feel we can help in any way, please feel free to contact us on the support line, via email or telephone.

Kind regards,


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