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Lack of Vitamin D


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I had a Whipple in February 2010 and ever since I have had problems absorbing Vitamin D. Every blood test shows that my Vitamin D level is 19 and it should be 30. Under 20 is critical. As lack of this vitamin affects bones, and as I already have arthritis, I would like to have supplements, but my GP says he cannot prescribe Vitamin D as it is not a licensed drug. Has anybody else had experience of this? I try to have as much Vit D in my diet as possible and take 15-20 Creon a day.

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Sue,

Adcal d-3 should be available in the UK. (calcichew d3/sandocal are 2 popular preparations)

You should be able to get this on prescription.

Also, the person who orders the blood tests should be responsible for dealing with the results, and should put you on something to help.


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Vitamin D is prescribable. Your doctor can give you this at a dose that is effective. Injectable versions are also available for people with absorption problems. Vitamin A deficiency is also possible in people with absorption difficulty and can be checked for. Ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist if your doctor does not know how to do any of the above.


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Hi Sue

My vitamin D level is sitting about 32 which I'm told is too low, hence being prescribed Adcal -D3. I was told my levels would be checked again within three months and if my body is still not absorbing vit D in this tablet form they would prescribe injection. I really can't understand your dr saying he cannot prescribe.


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