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Ted went to see his consultant today and his Clinicial Nurse Specialist (CNS) was there. The CNS asked about Jeni (PCUK support manager) and what she was like because Jeni will be visiting her shortly to discuss PCUK and providing support to pancreatic cancer patients.

Of course, I told her that Jeni was the most awful person I know...then burst out laughing, which spoilt my teasing! (in case anyone reading doesn't know Jeni, she is the most lovely, down-to-earth, caring person you could wish to meet).

It's easy to assume that because we don't normally hear about the work that PCUK are doing in the background that nothing is happening, so I'd like to thank Jeni for making the effort (I understand that she is trying to meet most of the CNSs who specialise in pancreatic cancer) and all of those in PCUK who tirelessly work in the background without seeking acknowledgement.


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hi nicki,, how nice that jeni is visiting your centre, wondering if shes coming to cornwall.

how are you? and how did teds appointment go,? ok i hope love laura xx

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very well said Niki, Id like to join you in my praise for pcuk and everyone who works hard in the background to support all those affected by the disease.

I know from my own experience that Jeni does a lot of unseen work and I very much apreciate her efforts. :D

Thank you Jeni...and all the team at pcuk.

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi All,

Wow! Thank you indeed for all your lovely comments and words of thanks. I must say it is a privilege to be able to do what we do.

Anna, the Information manager, and I are indeed visiting all the specialist regional centres in the UK! We visited Plymouth last week Laura - which incorporates Cornwall. It is the regional centre for your area! We have a few more regional centre visits to carry out in the UK, and then we want to think about how we can make more direct contact with nurses at district general hospitals!! We really count it as an honour to meet with all the nurses across the UK. These guys work tirelessly to help their patients, often stretched in terms of time and resources. Thanks really belongs to them too. It is fantastic to see the facilities at these hospitals, and a large group of professionals who are keen to see the landscape of pancreatic cancer change for the better.

Working together, we hope to be able to compliment what is offered by the nurses by being an additional source of information and support available to patients and family members. The visits are helping to raise the profile of the charity so that more people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are aware of the support available. They are also helping us see how we can work together with the nurses in the future.


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I too would also like to add my admiration to all at PCUK. I think you do a wonderful job and I am so very grateful to the support I have received! Keep up your excellent work guys! Sometime in the future when im in a better position I would like to raise money for the charity! Rachel x

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