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Hi everyone

this last week I've had lots of feelings of Mum being around me. I went to see my vicar last week, and at the end of our chat she started to say a prayer for me, I felt mum sit against my leg and place her hand on my shoulder. This feeling lasted for quite a while. I didn't feel scared or upset at all, I felt fantastic. I knew it was Mum, I said to my vicar afterwards, and she said - see, you were after your mum visiting you in dreams (which she hasn't yet) and you got something even better, her touch.

I then went to a psychic reading on Sunday. Oh my goodness, Mum came through. I was in shock, and was quite doubtful but I feel it definately was Mum. The lady was trying to say her name, and eventually it came out ronnie - she said she sees an arm with a lace sleeve all the way down - mum's wedding dress. Mum said that she's very angry that she's gone so quickly, she wanted more time with us, she mentioned the sitting next to me as well. It must be her!!!!

I know some of the sceptical out there will dismiss this as a mad grieving daughter clasping at straws, but to me, my beautiful mum has made contact with me, and I am absolutely elated. So I couldn't really give a monkey's what anyone else says cos I do believe.

louie xxx

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I completely think whatever makes you feel like your mum is there and comforts you at this awful time is your decision. I put on one of my other posts that 24hours after dad passed, at the exact time his birdtable was filled with baby blue tits, his favourite, singing away. To me that was him telling me his spirit was free from all the pain and suffering. I also have a vitamin b12 deficiency which gives me pins and needles and odd sensations in my legs and arms, everytime I ask dad if he is here I get a cold sensation, which sounds awful, but its quite reassuring, although a medical professional would tell me something else! Big hugs to you, dads funeral is the 7th Feb xxx

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hello both, how lovely that you have found something that gives you comfort at this sad time, what you believe doesnt hurt anyone else, louie do be careful you dont part with hard earned money, there are people out there who will mislead you and take advantage of your deep grief, but i'm sure mum is looking out for you, why wouldnt she, youve been there so solidly for her when she needed you most,

take care both of you love laura xxx

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