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still upsetting


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my mum was ill for a few weeks going to [Name removed -moderator] medical centre every 2 weeks. them telling her that she had a water infection, or giving her anti sickness tablets, not once did the send her to the hospital for scans and tests. I was in Portugal in October when I got a text from mums friend asking me what ward my mum was in (this was the first thing I new that mum was in hospital, that day I phoned my brother who said that they think she had a gall stone as she was very yellow. I flew home the next day and went straight to see her. she was indeed very yellow. and was getting scans. on October 21st we all got called into a room and was told she had pancreatic cancer and they couldn't operate and basically she was given months to live. my world just fell apart from that day. she was in hospital for 3 weeks getting a stent fitted. then she came home, we had the down stairs all sorted out for her bed. my sister came home from Australia, and that was that a waiting game. she seemed ok not wanting to have strong painkillers as she cared for my dad who also died of cancer many years ago. the nurses came out every day and night to see her and she kept telling them that she was not in any pain (but we could see she was.) then on 24th November 2011 my sister rang me in work to tell me that the nurses were saying because of mums deterioration that we were looking at 1 week, so i and my 2 brothers and sister all slept in mums living room by her bed too scared to go out in case she went. she was so frail and sleepy, we done shifts during the nights one would sleep if they could for a couple of hours.

then on November 30th her breathing went different and the nurses were giving her morphine through a driver. her sister, mother, and all her grandchildren came to say good bye.

the at 2.37am on the 1st December 2011 she took her last breath. she passed peacefully with her 2 daughters, 2 sons and husband by her bed.

all the family are doing charity things I and am going to do a sponsored run (walk) my brother who is the lead singer of the mono lps are doing a gig in Liverpool. my son gives a donation every week now to this foundation.

I hope that they soon find a cure for all cancers, because I don't really want any one to suffer the way my lovely mum did.

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Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I've recently joined this site too and although I don't message much I do come on every day for some comfort, I find reading other people's stories gives me strength to get through this awful disease. My mum was also diagnosed in Oct and on Wednesday this week we thankfully got her a bed in the hospice where hopefully they will get on top of her symptoms. I'm probably not helping you in any way but just wanted you to know that people on here care and know what you are going through. Take care


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I have been coming on this site after mum passed away and i to find it a comfort reading other peoples stories, i hope everything goes ok with your mum and my thoughts and prays are with you and your family. By just replying you helped me to no that people care.


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hi lovelyjoyce and mistipops, so sorry to hear of your experience lovelyjoyce, regretfully, because this disease is so clever at disguise, and presents syptoms that are applicable to other illnesses in so many cases tests are done for the more common causes first, its only when severe syptoms like jaundice, severe weightloss etc that alarm bells ring, no ones really to blame, though we all want to place that feeling at someone elses feet. the BIG problem is getting a way of early diagnosis, that is what p.c.u.k. are about. i hope things will eventually get easier for you and your family.

mistipops, so hope things improve for your mum, i'm sure she is in the best place for her immediate needs, and make things a little easier for you.

bri is continuing to maintain the status quo, has gone bowling today,guess will be real tired when he gets home, just me and our 9month old bichon puppy, poppy, she is such a pleasure to us both in differant ways, tho do have 4 bearded dragons and a chameleon?

hope everyone has a reasonable weekend with some positive times, thinking of everyone

love laura xx

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