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Good wishes to all


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To everyone on here

We are all joined on this forum as we have something in common, its our exclusive club, one that, we wouldn't wish to be in, but, we help each other in anyway possible. That's what gets us through.

Christmas isn't always a happy time, so, I'd like to say to all those who are spending it without a loved one, much love, and to those battling on, keep strong, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.



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Dear lynne, I hope that you have some special memories of Andy to help you through today.

I echo what lynne has said, this forum has been such a help to me. My mum against the doctors views has made it to Christmas, I am so proud of her determination.

Much love to everyone going through this difficult time.

Louie xxx

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Hi All,

It is days like these that can be so truly hard to get through and brings out the raw emotion. Today im split in too, im delighted my dad is feeling good but im also sad that this christmas he has this awful disease and frightened that at some stage it will catch up with him. Thinking of everyone on this form today and I wish you all peace and happiness.

Love Rachel xx

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hi everyone,well christmas day is over, such a mixture of emotions for all of us, we've all survived it in differant ways, feelings seem heightened at times like this, my thought are with all of you and your families and i wish you calm and strength. much love laura xxxx

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Hi Everyone

I also would like to add my thoughts of support and best wishes to those of Lynne's and everyone else.

All of you cyber friends have kept me going through some difficult and helpless times and I am truly thankful to all of you.

This Christmas has been very difficult without my beautiful Dad, but pulled up a chair to the dining table where he would usually sit so he could be with us in spirit. Yesterday we all got together and spread his ashes around the gardens of our family home.

Best wishes and strength to you all


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