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Spiritualist medium - believe or not?


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Regulars on here will know me and my story, but to anyone new, hope this helps.

Tonight I went to a clairvoyant evening, a last minute decision, in place of a friend who couldn't attend.

I was picked out, the medium spoke of my Andy, dates, and specific things that had me sat holding my friends hands, crying and nodding as he was spot on.

This morning I woke with a headache and a feeling of utter loss again, as I dreamt about my Andy, and waking up is always like for the first 2 minutes - its ok, then wham, reality hits.

Tonight, I'm in bed with a sense of callm, a little less stressed.

Whether you believe is up to you, but after tonight I know that all the pain, heartache and tears were not in vain, because somewhere somehow I have the biggest Angel looking out for me.


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Hello Lynbo,

I'm with you on this one.

I know there are sceptics out there and I think it's healthy to question these things.

But just sometimes,when you are given information nobody else would know, without any prompting,I think it brings a little comfort.

I have always believed in this ability, my husband knew that,and said he would try to send me evidence.I have an old friend who is pshycic and has already told me about something that happened on the day my husband died that no-one knew.

Never the less we are vulnerable and need to be cautious.

Sweet Dreams....

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Hi Lynn

Fate has a mysterious way of showing it's hand...

You felt terrible this morning and just by chance going in place of a friend - you now feel so much better and calmer.

I am so pleased that you had a positive reading, and I am so pleased that you are feeling happier.

I do believe there is life after death - I cannot for one minute think that - "this is it", I'm sure that our spirits live on.

I had a chat with mum today, and she was talking about this - she was saying that she's not at all scared of dying - maybe a bit curious, as to what it will be like - but we both definately agreed that we will see each other again and as terrible as it will be her not being here with me for the next goodness know's how long, that is some comfort to know that I will see my beautiful, lovely mum in another life.

I have had readings before, but unfortunately had a really bad one about 5 years ago, the person was an obvious fraud, and it made me doubtful of having another one. For some reason - just off the cuff - I had one about a month ago. I'm not really sure what to make of it really - lots about mum. stuff about my dad that no one would know too. The thing that has made me wonder is - she saw my mum at Christmas surrounded by her family, she said there was a big Question Mark over her, and thinks she maybe around for longer. The very next day, mum was taken really ill, and then she was given the devastating news.

Mum is still here, and she's at home, people ask how she is and I reply "she's holding her own". I want to think about Christmas with her - but I am petrified, 6 weeks away and I don't know if in that time we would have lost her, it's eating me up. I am so grateful to have her home - we have chatted more these last few weeks, and I feel I have got to know her more, which is weird, but I am not ready to let her go. I don't want this awful disease to take her - it's so unfair. We had a wonderful party for my daughter's birthday last week, mum enjoyed it so much, she even helped set the table and sort out some of the food, like have "mum" back again.

I think I am going back into a state of denial, kind of knowing what is going on - but not acknowledging it until it actually does happen.

Some news on Dad too - he has to have a quadruple bypass in Jan - god know's what is going to happen - if mum is still here, but he cannot put it off anymore, we've been told it's serious now. Just hope and pray that he doesn't go downhill before or during it - I really couldn't cope with anymore heart ache.

Anyway, I know you find comfort by looking at this forum, but please - just sometimes, turn off your computer and get some sleep hun, obviously, I don't know what you are going through, but Andy is with you, looking out for you, and watching you carry on with your life, you need to sleep and rest.

Take care - sweet dreams. Lots of big hugs being sent your way

Louie xxxx

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Hi everybody,

I too am also with you on this one!

This past 12yrs I have lost 2 very close people in my life. As far as im concerned there is Life after death.

I always said I would never go to a clairvoyant, just for the simple reason I was frightened of how I would cope if I was told anything. Many years later I found myself at one with friends, last minute thing. Everyone of them got a spirtual reading except me. When it was my turn, the clairvoyant said my loved ones name and said they were there in the room with us, I was stunned and crying but she said he had no message for me. As silly as it sounds I feel my loved one knew how I would have felt if he had passed on a message.

I also believe these loved ones are giving me the strength to cope with what my dad is going through.

I read a book a few years back called 'Angels in my Hair' By Lorna Byrne..After reading this I have found so much comfort. It totally has transformed how I think about things.

Louie I am so pleased your having some nice times with your mum. I hope your dad will get through all this, god love him, he has a lot to deal with. My dad started Chemo today, all went smoothly. Tonight he feels grand, although the next few days could be testing.

Love to you all...Rachel xxxx

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I'm glad you feel the same, I have an iPhone so it's easy to log on before bed.

Funny coz when Andy was here he used to say I could sleep for England, now it's the complete opposite!

Even with a sleeping tablet? My brain is very powerful, and always thinking of 100 things at once!

This year has been worse than last year? Don't know why? But this time last year I was autopilot ? Now reality has kicked in more?

I'm dreading Christmas, my parents are too, I'm an only child, so us three will have the same time as last year, hurry up and end.

The clairvoyant said that march will bring a turning point.

I hope this is true, I know I'll never get over Andy, but things may ease?

Who knows?


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Hi Lynn/Rachel

Rachel, I am glad that your Dad has started chemo - I really hope that he copes well with it, and doesn't suffer too many side effects. How often is he having it? How are you too?

Lynn, it must be so hard, I don't think you will ever get over the pain of losing Andy, I think at some point, things will become easier and not so painful to deal with, and that you learn to live again, and not just exist. Do you work? or have any hobbies that you can throw yourself into?

Maybe it would be an idea for you and your parents to go somewhere completely different for Christmas, somewhere away from all the reminders, and have a toast to Andy.

You mentioned before that you have a friend who has no children too - would you think of maybe her moving in and being a lodger? I don't know how you feel about that, but I think coming home to an empty house must be soul destroying, I don't know - maybe of help?

Do you have counselling - I know its not for everyone, but it may help by talking.

I know for me I am lucky I have my kids - Chris works really long hours so I see him in the eve, but if I didn't have the kids I think I would go under. I tend not to sit much, because if I sit - I think. and that is something I definately don't want to do. Had a big blip last night - cried quite a bit, and still feel very sad - but like my mum says she's still here at the moment - cry when she's not. hard to do though. I don't sleep much now - Chris doesn't get home till about 8.30, so i stay up to be with him, and then tend to go to bed about 12, but not sleep till about 1.30-2, then up again about 5.30-6. I know its not good, but my mind justs keeps going over things. prob why i had a blip last night - being so tired.

anyway enough of my rambling.

take care - if you ever want to email me - your more than welcome to. xxx

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Well, I did work but I stopped when Andy took poorly and I've not gone back, and it's been a nightmare as they haven't kept in touch, tried to stop my SSP before time, excluded me from Christmas party last year, and now people are being made redundant.

My friend who has no children who I went on hol with has now got a boyfriend, they are always together, and he's even met her parents! So it's serious! All happened since oct 1st !

I wouldn't leave my house anyway, Andy worked so hard on it and I feel safe here.

I have counselling, I find it helps, I go to the hospice near where I live.

My parents couldn't go away - we have 2 dogs we wouldn't leave, and my mams sister in law, as my mams 2 brothers both died to cancer and were very close family

I just wish I could fast forward Christmas, it really isn't a happy time for everyone


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Hi Lynne,

My heart goes out to you, I would love to give you a big hug and take it all away. I think you will have to live through this but at some point the ache has to ease. When that is I dont kmow. What you do need to remember is that your Andy would not want you to be feeling like this. Your situation is so sad, your marriage and the wonderful life you thought you had together has been cruelly taken away and also from the time of Andys diagnose, you both had very little time to adjust to the situation. Your emotions are bound to be still raw, and remember its very natural to feel this way.

When I lost my boyfriend I was only 21. He had an awful illness. I was with him when he passed away. Everything seemed to be a blur after that. In a way I was lucky as I was at university and had a much bigger social circle then. I had to leave uni for 6 months but I came back and repeated my year and threw myself into that and of course at that age I was out and about with my friends. So I felt I was coping ok and getting on with my life. It was only before I got married 3 years ago, that I truly broke down, not from guilt but saddness. I cried for weeks. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband. I thought I had dealt with my emotions but looking back, I held alot in, got on with things. I still visit his family every year and this is very important to me to stay in contact.

Things have happened in the last 12yrs which help me know he is with me and helping me to live a good life.

Im sure it will be extremely hard this christmas without Andy, but what Louie has mentioned it would be lovely to toast Andy at christmas. Somehow you will get through it. Also as I have said before you are a great support on this forum and also to be helping people a year on after Andy is so kind, would you consider a career in this area? I think you would be fantastic at it!!

Hope your ok, takecare..Rachel xx

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Hi Louie

Im not to bad. Feel a bit more use to the situation, as you said to me months back, my normal is a different normal. People are telling me not to get my hopes up, but I cant help it. Feel I need to do it for dad. I do realise he will not be around for a very long time, but im hoping we will have him for more than a year, not the 6-12 months we have been told.

He has picked up something amazing in this last month. He is eating well, he put 3 pounds on! First dose of Chemo was on Thurday past. The cycle is once a week for 3 weeks and a week off. The oncologist has said he might not give him his week of this cycle?? See how he goes. Have know idea why they would do this. He is on the standard Gemcitabine.

So heres hoping! Hope your ok, Im often thinking about you. I do hope your Mum will be with you for Christmas, what a tough time for you dealing with your mum and dads illness. If it doesnt rain it pours. My prayers are with you Louie, look after yourself xx

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