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Mum's home :)


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Hi everyone

Just wanted to let you know mum came home from hospital tonight. phew, so relieved, she's been in there for 3 weeks, and I must admit, a few times I didn't think she would get out.

I have spent so many times crying over the last weeks/months. I know she doesn't have a great deal of time left, but she is still here and I need to enjoy every moment my lovely, beautiful mum is with us. Making her happy and laugh and smile. As long she's happy, then so am I.

Thank you so much everyone for your support, you are truly great. I will still log on and let you know how things are, but I think I have been dwelling on the "end" before the end gets here. It made me realise when my dad started crying at a photo of mum the other day, I spoke to mum about it and I said your not dead yet mum, and we need to stop acting like you are. Maybe i'm setting myself up for a big fall, but I don't want to waste anymore time of my lovely mum's life. Plenty of time for tears later.

take care, love and prayers to all.

louie xxx

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Hi Louie

I am so delighted your mum is home! I know not on the terms of what you would like, but im sure it must be more peaceful for her. I hope your ok as well as the kids and family. Its tough on the kids when your on the go all the time. Im sure your just emotionally drained. I know how hard it is to keep it together but you are an inspiration and have a wonderful outlook in dealing with it all. As you always tell me, go make thoses lovely memories with your mum.

Chat soon, thinking of u..

Rachel xx

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Hi Louie,

Great news your mum is home. It is strange to think about 'the end' when you're not there yet but i did that quite a bit and had to catch myself and remind myself that there was more time to be had. I think it's part perhaps of our natural instinct to 'prepare'. Good for you to catch yourself and remember that you have more memories to make.

Big thank you for asking about me and my dad. It was only 4 weeks ago this Monday that dad died. to be honest this has been one of the hardest weeks. So incredibly sad - I can function and work and everything but I'm almost always preoccupied with thoughts of my dad. Like one of my brothers said - it's like you want to remember everything about him and all the time you spent with him all in one go. But I'm doing ok and trying not to avoid being sad and just being sad, because that's what I am and the way it is at the moment.

Do log on when you feel like it, but like you say, spend all the time you can with your mum and family. We'll be here whenever you need us.



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Hi Louie,

This is such good news, I am so pleased for your Mum, you and your family.

Thankyou for your reply. You are right we need to enjoy the time we have left and say all we need to say.

Take Care, you are in my thoughts often

Helen x

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