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Stopping Chemo


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Hi Everyone

Not been on here for a while, chemo and emergency hospital stays have taken up alot of time.

Anyway after 2 cycles of chemotherapy my Dad and his oncologist have decided to call it a day to allow him some quality of life. It is a heartbreaking time but the chemo wasnt making sufficient progress plus it wiped him out both physically and mentally resulting in no quality of life at all. We know it we dont have long but we also know everyone is different.

I wanted to know whether I should be aware of anything or if some one else had also stopped chemo and what their experiences were like. For example my dad has oedema in his legs, he is on water tablets, but will they go down when the chemo is out of his system?

Any information gratefully received.


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Hi Helen

Sorry to hear about your Dad. My mum had 4 lots of chemo, and it too has now been stopped. Her legs are quite swollen, and she is on water tablets, but she has also had a drain fitted to her tummy today. She was swelling and having to be drained fairly frequently, so a permanent drain seemed like a good option.

I am only learning new things about this illness day by day, so I don't know what my mum has experienced is across the board or just her symptoms.

Mum had odema before she started chemo, and I don't really think it made a great deal of difference, chemo did the same as your dad and completely knocked her out for days on end.

Unfortunately we are really not in a good situation with mum, she got bad news last week and her cancer has now spread.

I hope things improve for your Dad, take care.

louie xx

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Hi Louiepic

thanks for your reply , like lots of other people I get comfort from talking on this forum.

I wish your Mum well, she has been through so much reading all your posts. I do not know what the next couple of months will hold for us. I am frightened, emotional, anxious, in fact every emotion under the sun. I love him so much and just cant imagine him not being here.

Take care


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Hi Helen

All I would say is live life for every day, make the most of each day you have with your lovely Dad, and make special memories. Hopefully, he's got longer than you may think, I try to stick by the plan, that as long as mum is happy, then I am too.

Mum came home from hospital tonight - 3 weeks - she's now fairly stir crazy. we are so pleased to get her home. I was sitting chatting to her this afternoon, and I realised, that yes, I want her to go on for much longer than the time we've been given, but I don't want to waste anymore time grieving for her before she is gone. I have cried so much these last few weeks/months, and now time is nearing that she will no longer be with us, I need to "enjoy" our last few precious moments, as we can never get this time again.

It is scary, and seeing the person you love go through this is terrible, but things kinda take on a different angle and what is scary or strange now - will become your "normal".

Take care hun - thinking of you on this long road with your Dad.

louie xxx

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