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not sure if my mum's tumour has spread???


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I'm in need of a bit of advice. My mum has stage 2 pc, in the head of the pancreas and wrapped around the vascular vein. She was rushed to hospital last Wed, and had to have an emergency stomach draining procedure. The results of which have come back as having a bacteria that is usually found in the bowel.

We are fairly certain Mum's bowel has not perforated, I would assume that she would be in an extreme amount of pain, and extremely ill if this was the case.

Anyway, her stomach has almost doubled in size since the draining last week - they took off 6 litres. They are going to do another draining, today or tomorrow.

I am extremely worried that - maybe there is a possibility that her cancer has now spread to her bowel. Could this be the reason that this bacteria is in her stomach?

She has had four chemo treatments, to try and reduce the size of the tumour, but because of illness she has missed the last 2 weeks.

Has anyone else got any advice?

Thanks Louie x

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