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My Dad Passed Away


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hi all,

My dad passed away at home on Monday afternoon. He went into hospital a couple of weeks ago for them to help manage the pain and the scan said it had spread to his liver and lungs. The oncologist said he might have a few months which I thought was optimistic. We managed to get him away the last weekend to a big house where we could all stay. He managed to get out for a few walks in his wheelchair and hear the kids playing etc, but he was very poorly, restless, couldn't relax and sleep and then couldn't swallow his medication. We managed to get him home on the Monday morning thank god for bog strong brothers. We were at home waiting for a new batch of meds to be given through flush drivers or whatever they're called - there was a hold up which was frustrating and then he died before they turned up. I hope and don't think he was in too much pain in the end though, of course I like to think that he wasn't. There were lots of us with him at the end.

It's so strange that I knew it was imminent and its still such a shock. I think I'm finding it harder today than I did yesterday making lots of calls and speaking to the funeral director. Am so grateful for my mum and brothers.

Thanks to all for their support here since he had the whipples in 2009. Not sure what else to say. Have been meaning to write this since Monday but everytime i sit down to do it I think I'll cry and I have needed to hold it together.

Bye for now


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I am so sorry to hear that your Dad has gone. I really feel for you. I'm glad he wasn't in too much pain at the end, and I'm glad that you managed to get away with for the weekend, you will have some lovely memories to hold on to. I don't really know what else to say, but if you want to rant or vent off, please send a post.

Take care

Louie xxx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni


Very sorry to hear your news about your dad.

Please accept our deepest sympathies to you and your family.

From, Jeni, and all at PCUK.

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so very sorry to read your post, difficult time for you all, just try and get thru it the way that suits you, there is no right or wrong way, my kindest regards to you all, take care, love laura

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Hope you are ok? I know it's nearly a month since your Dad has gone. Just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking of you.

louie xxx

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