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Upwardly Mobile... aka You are warned! (funny)


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As long-term users of the board will know, Ted has been having trouble with his legs and mobility. Well today he finally capitulated and let me buy him a mobility scooter. He was shown how to use it by the dealer. Shortly afterwards we decided to get a drink in the local market. Cue Ted trying to park mobility scooter....well maybe not trying to park it....he ran (very slowly) right into a seated customer! Ted's excuse was a slight downhill slope. The man he ran into wasn't injured so, although there was some embarassment, all was well.

Until we were on the way home, that is, when we crossed halfway across the road to one of those pontoon things.....there were cars moving on the other half of the road. Despite my desperate calls of "Whoa, Whoa" (no, I don't normally treat my husband like a horse!) he continued across the road in the face of oncoming traffic. Luckily, the car stopped! Well, perhaps it wasn't so lucky for Ted who got a public dressing down, mainly because my heart won't withstand too many shocks like that!

As we turned towards home I breathed an inward sigh of relief....I was a bit premature. We live in an end-of-terrace house and the side of our house is in a cul-de-sac which has a pathway running through to the next road. We came through the pathway and Ted (as he would when he was walking) came off the pavement and cut the corner. He mounted the pavement again and rammed into the side of our own house! Yes, he saw a high curb, thought he needed some speed and just set the thing off at jet-like propulsion! The scooter is about 3' long and the pavement about 3.5'. Apparently he never thought to turn the dratted steering so he didn't ram the wall!!!!

Cue another dressing down and the urgent purchase of mobility scooter insurance :roll:

So, be warned, if you are ever in a south-coast city and see a man with Einstien-like hair and a black trilby on a silver mobility scooter....run!!! Just make sure it's uphill!

I hope this has brought a smile to someone's face.


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Hi Nicki

Oh how funny! I'm glad it was just his pride etc that was hurt and not him, he will have to do some test runs around the local park until he gets used to it. :lol:

Louie xxx

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That post of yours has really made me laugh, eeeeh I can just imagine Ted now, typical man, just going for it! Well done him, the way your story went though, it was like something off a computer game!

Bet you felt like a big glass of wine!

Love to you both


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Well Nicky -that was funny!

Brave of Ted to go straight onto it after getting it!

Hope he has fun with it again!! Without the bumping into things!!


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It was nice to see something funny around here today ;-)

After a little bit more than 2 years I decided to hv a look in the past posts and remember some of sad times and miss the support I got from people here!

Ill be around and try to help people who might be in need like people helped me when i needed.


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Hi Nicky....

Sorry it's been awhile, but I'm very glad to read of yours and Teds escapades!!

I hope in time he will get the hang of it...or at least not think he's Evil Knievel!!

Haven't posted since Mum went as found the last few months very difficult, I'm sure you understand. I have tried to read posts but found it bringing back memories too painful, I guess by writing this means I'm making progress but even now I'm welling up. Miss her y'know. I do thank you for your support at the time, it's not forgotten or the other lovely people that did too.

Anyway tell that husband of yours to go steady, if he makes you pop ya clogs through shock, there are going to be alot of miffed people on here! Give him my best wishes pls.

Love and kind regards


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